VIDEO: Reviews and trailers of the latest film releases this week

Lancashire Telegraph:

2:53pm Monday 11th August 2014

Damon Smith reviews the latest releases - Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and Antonio Banderas flex their muscles in The Expendables 3, and a talented table footballer learns to play the beautiful game for real in the computer-animated fantasy The Unbeatables.

Watchdog raps Chorley care home

Lancashire Telegraph: Care Quality Commission

12:00pm Tuesday 10th June 2014

A CARE home has been rapped by a watchdog after failing to meet more than half the essential standards that were examined during a recent inspection.

Cumbrian film outfit receives Esmée Fairbairn Foundation grant

9:10am Sunday 20th April 2014

Signal Film and Media has landed a three-year grant from an eminent arts funder.

Dinner with Pacino felt like being "in a scene from Heat", says Cheam businessman

Lancashire Telegraph: Deepak Kuntawala, Al Pacino and Bollywood star Abhishek Bachan

12:28pm Monday 3rd June 2013

A CHEAM businessman felt like he was “in a scene from Heat” when he had an intimate dinner with movie megastar Al Pacino.

Shane’s film coming up Roses at premiere

10:22am Thursday 23rd May 2013

LAST summer, a resurrection no one thought possible took place in Heaton Park.

Review: Olympus Has Fallen (15)

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Olympus Has Fallen (15)

3:32pm Friday 19th April 2013

Antoine Fuqua’s testosterone-fuelled thriller contrives a Die Hard In The White House scenario from an assault on Capitol Hill by heavily armed Korean terrorists who are fed up with America meddling in their affairs.

Review: Jack The Giant Slayer (12A)

Lancashire Telegraph: Jack the Giant Slayer (12A)

2:41pm Friday 22nd March 2013

The English folktale of Jack And The Beanstalk is given a smart CGI-heavy makeover in Bryan Singer’s fast-paced fantasy.

Review: This is 40 (15)

Lancashire Telegraph: FILM REVIEW: This is 40 (15)

1:45pm Friday 15th February 2013

In This Is 40, Judd Apatow revisits characters from Knocked Up to explore the reality of married life for a middle-aged couple who have lost that loving feeling.

Review: Sammy's Great Escape (PG)

Lancashire Telegraph: Finding Nemo, Sammy's Great Escape

1:43pm Friday 15th February 2013

Sammy’s Great Escape begins straight after the events of A Turtle’s Tale with Sammy

Review: Beautiful Creatures (12A)

Lancashire Telegraph: FILM REVIEW: Beautiful Creatures (12A)

1:47pm Friday 15th February 2013

Based on the first book in the Caster Chronicles series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, Beautiful Creatures is a supernatural love story about a teenager with strange powers torn between the forces of darkness and light.

Camp queen of the desert delights

3:26pm Wednesday 13th February 2013


Argo is named the UK regional film critics' movie of the year

Lancashire Telegraph: Ben Affleck is fantastic both behind and in front of the cameras in Argo

4:45pm Monday 4th February 2013

The thriller Argo, directed by and starring Ben Affleck, has been voted Film of the Year by the UK’s regional critics.

Review: Bullet To The Head (15)

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Bullet To The Head (15)

11:23am Friday 1st February 2013

This was what happened to Christian Slater on the set of Stallone’s latest action showpiece, Bullet To The Head.

Review: Flight (15)

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Flight (15)

11:10am Friday 1st February 2013

DENZEL Washington soars to career highs in Robert Zemeckis’s emotionally wrought character study of a pilot wrestling with alcohol dependency.

Review: Hyde Park on Hudson (12A)

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Hyde Park on Hudson (12A)

11:29am Friday 1st February 2013

President Franklin Roosevelt prepares to welcome King George VI and his wife Elizabeth to America.

Review: The Last Stand

Lancashire Telegraph: THE LAST STAND: "Schwarzenegger is acutely aware of his physical limitations as a 65-year-old action man and happily pokes fun at his pensioner status"

5:06pm Friday 25th January 2013

Ray Owens (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is sheriff of the sleepy town of Sommerton Junction, on the US-Mexico border.

Review: Zero Dark Thirty

Lancashire Telegraph: ZERO DARK THIRTY: Director Bigelow orchestrates action sequences with brio, letting loose the dogs of modern warfare

5:05pm Friday 25th January 2013

Ballsy CIA officer Maya (Jessica Chastain) accepts a posting to Islamabad amid Dan (Jason Clarke) worries she might not be up to the task at hand.

Review: Lincoln

Lancashire Telegraph: Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln

5:04pm Friday 25th January 2013

Steven Spielberg artfully tears a page from history to immortalise the efforts of the 16th president of the United States to abolish slavery during a turbulent period of deep division within the House of Representatives.

Review: Les Miserables

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Les Miserables

4:14pm Friday 11th January 2013

Tom Hooper, Oscar-winning director of The King’s Speech, dreamed a dream of immortalising Claude-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boublil’s powerhouse musical without the conventional safety net of lip-synching.

Review: Texas Chainsaw 3D

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Texas Chainsaw 3D

4:15pm Friday 11th January 2013

Sheriff Hooper (Thom Barry) races to the Sawyer farmhouse, where hulking Jed Sawyer has run amok with his beloved chainsaw.

Review: Quartet (12A)

Lancashire Telegraph: GREAT SCOT Billy Connolly stars in Quartet

4:47pm Friday 4th January 2013

If you want a waspish one-liner delivered with impeccable timing and venom, gift it to Dame Maggie Smith.

Review: Parental Guidance (U)

Lancashire Telegraph: Parental Guidance (PG)

3:00pm Wednesday 2nd January 2013

Grandmother knows best in Parental Guidance, an intergenerational comedy of bad manners and frayed tempers, which welcomes Bette Midler back to the big screen after a four-year hiatus.

Review: Jack Reacher (12A)

Lancashire Telegraph: Tom Cruise in action in Jack Reacher

2:58pm Wednesday 2nd January 2013

The US premiere of Jack Reacher, an explosive action thriller based on the book One Shot by Lee Child, was postponed in the wake of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Review: Tinkerbell and the secret of the wings 3D (U)

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Tinkerbell and the secret of the wings 3D (U)

4:36pm Friday 14th December 2012

IN the magical realm of Pixie Hollow ruled by Queen Clarion (voiced by Anjelica Huston), Tinker Bell (Mae Whitman) and her friends busy themselves gathering berries and coaxing flowers to bloom.

Review: The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey (12A)

Lancashire Telegraph: Hobbit

4:34pm Friday 14th December 2012

There is a moment early in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey when Gandalf The Grey – played by Burnley-born Sir Ian McKellen – turns to diminutive hero Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) and counsels: “All good stories deserve embellishment.”

Review: Rise of the Guardians (PG)

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Rise of the Guardians (PG)

3:28pm Friday 30th November 2012

BASED on The Guardians Of Childhood book series by William Joyce, Peter Ramsey’s entertaining family-oriented film is a timely reminder that there are many things without rigorous scientific proof that still touch our hearts and change our humdrum lives for the better.

Review: Alex Cross (15)

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Alex Cross (15)

3:34pm Friday 30th November 2012

ROB Cohen’s film opens with Detective Alex Cross (Tyler Perry), his partner Tommy Kane (Edward Burns) and colleague Monica Ashe (Rachel Nichols) chasing a suspect through an abandoned warehouse.

Review: Great Expectations (12A)

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Great Expectations (12A)

3:30pm Friday 30th November 2012

As a boy, orphan Pip (Jeremy Irvine) has a disturbing encounter with escaped convict Magwitch (Ralph Fiennes).

Review: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (12A)

Lancashire Telegraph: BREAKING DAWN - PART 2: 'Treading Water would be more apt...'

4:25pm Friday 16th November 2012

The concluding chapter of the outlandish fang-tasy series based on Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling books delivers a master class in constructing CGI mountains out of molehills.

Review: Skyfall (12A)

Lancashire Telegraph: bazaar goings on Daniel Craig astride his Honda in Skyfall

3:54pm Friday 26th October 2012

TIME waits for no man, not even the suave and sharply attired 007.

Sky-high turnout for new 007 film

Lancashire Telegraph: SKYFALL: In the brilliantly orchestrated action sequences, Craig is in his element and Mendes opens with a breathtaking 12-minute pre-credits sequence...

9:05am Monday 29th October 2012

THRILL-SEEKING Cinema goers flocked to the flicks on Friday to be among the first to see the new James Bond film.

Review: Paranormal Activity 4, (15)

Lancashire Telegraph: PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4: "Visual tricks outweigh narrative treats but when the film screams “Boo!”, we still jump..."

3:18pm Friday 19th October 2012

In the leafy community of Henderson, Nevada, plucky teenager Alice (Kathryn Newton) lives with her parents (Stephen Dunham, Alexondra Lee) and younger brother, Wyatt (Aiden Lovekamp).

Review: Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (PG)

Lancashire Telegraph: MADAGASCAR 3: "undemanding escapist froth..."

3:17pm Friday 19th October 2012

Alex (voiced by Ben Stiller), Marty (Chris Rock), Melman (David Schwimmer) and Gloria (Jada Pinkett Smith) hanker for a return to New York’s Central Park Zoo

Review: Frankenweenie 3D (PG)

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Frankenweenie 3D (PG)

3:15pm Friday 19th October 2012

The pain of losing a loved one leaves an indelible mark on the hardest heart.

Old Laundry puts budding filmmakers in the frame

12:07pm Wednesday 17th October 2012

THE Old Laundry is looking for budding filmmakers who would like to show their film on the big screen.

Review: Ruby Sparks (15)

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Ruby Sparks (15)

4:55pm Friday 12th October 2012

CALVIN Weir-Fields wrote his first novel at the age of 19.

Review: Hotel Transylvania

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Hotel Transylvania

4:52pm Friday 12th October 2012

THIS family-friendly computer-animated comedy brings an inquisitive mortal into a world of ghouls and goblins.

Review: Pusher (18)

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Pusher (18)

4:50pm Friday 12th October 2012

Party boy and drug dealer Frank (Richard Coyle) is a big fish in the small pond of east London.

Review: Now is Good (12A)

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Now is Good (12A)

4:26pm Friday 21st September 2012

Seventeen-year-old Tessa (Fanning) has a lust for life but won’t live to see her 18th birthday, go to university or raise a family.

Review: Savages (15)

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Savages (15)

4:22pm Friday 21st September 2012

Violence begets more violence in Oliver Stone’s gritty thriller about two hapless drug suppliers who are taught a harsh lesson by a powerful drug cartel.

Review: The Sweeney (15)

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: The Sweeney (15)

3:50pm Friday 14th September 2012

NICK Love’s script, co-written by John Hodge, follows Flying Squad hard man DI Jack Regan (Ray Winstone) and sidekick George Carter (Ben Drew) as they hunt a gang of wily European thieves led by slippery Francis Allen (Paul Anderson).

Review: Paranorman 3D (PG)

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Paranorman 3D (PG)

3:47pm Friday 14th September 2012

EARTHBOUND spirits appear to Norman but remain invisible to his parents Perry (Jeff Garlin) and Sandra (Leslie Mann), and his sister Courtney (Anna Kendrick).

Review: Hopestrings (12A)

Lancashire Telegraph: OLD STORY Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep

3:45pm Friday 14th September 2012

David Frankel’s joyful romantic comedy charts the affairs of the heart of a long-time married couple, who are desperate to rediscover the spark that brought them together more than 30 years ago.

Review: Dredd 3D (18)

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Dredd 3D (18)

5:01pm Friday 7th September 2012

In the near future, America has been reduced to an irradiated wasteland and more than 400 million people are crammed into Mega City One on the eastern seaboard, which is patrolled by law-makers called Judges.

Review: Anna Karenina, (12A)

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Anna Karenina, (12A)

5:00pm Friday 7th September 2012

Beautiful socialite Anna (Keira Knightley) travels from St Petersburg to Moscow

Review: Lawless, (18)

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Lawless, (18)

4:58pm Friday 7th September 2012

Based on a true story, Lawless knocks back a drink with three brothers who become kings of their close-knit community by running moonshine across the state line.

Review: The Three Stooges, (PG)

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: The Three Stooges, (PG)

3:55pm Friday 24th August 2012

Many film-makers build on modest debuts, gradually compiling a body of increasingly assured work.

Review: The Watch, (15)

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: The Watch, (15)

3:53pm Friday 24th August 2012

The Watch pits a coalition of concerned residents against a full-blown alien invasion in the fictional idyll of Glenview, Ohio.

Review: Shadow Dancer, (15)

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Shadow Dancer, (15)

3:52pm Friday 24th August 2012

Sectarian violence in Northern Ireland cast a long shadow over the country for more than 30 years.

Review: The expendables 2 (15)

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: The expendables 2 (15)

4:29pm Friday 17th August 2012

THE boys are back in town for this explosive sequel directed by Simon West.


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