FIVE school children were left with cuts and bruises after a double decker bus crashed into a bridal shop.

The St Augustine’s RC High School, Billington, bus had been turning right on to Accrington Road from King Street when the top deck hit the corner of TeAmo Boutique Weddings.

Flying glass injured the youngsters as the windows of the bus, which was en-route to Padiham, smashed when it hit the premises around 3.30pm yesterday.

All of the children were taken off the bus and the pupils that were hurt were taken to nearby Whalley Medical Centre for treatment until paramedics arrived on the scene.

Parent Andy Lee, 40, from Padiham, whose sons Joshua, 15, and Aaron, 12, were on the bus when it crashed, said: “Joshua was upset because he has been in a crash recently. I am glad they are not too injured.

“You don’t expect to get injured on a school bus.”

A shop owner said: “I heard a bang and the bus stopped outside the shop.

“The bus was full of kids and when it stopped outside the shop the windows were smashed.”

Police redirected traffic to prevent further disruption.

Lisa Lomas, Whalley Medical Centre receptionist, said: “The police officer brought in four children with cuts and bruises and Dr Carol Brown treated them until paramedics arrived.

“Then one boy was brought in after he was found wandering the street. He was in shock.

“One minute it was peaceful, then the next the children were brought in.”

Chris Horrocks, deputy headteacher of St Augustine’s RC High School, said: “I have just returned from the scene where there was a minor accident where a school bus crashed into a building.

“The crash caused damage to the upper deck of the bus.

“Five pupils suffered minor cuts from the flying glass and were treated immediately.

“The other children were taken home in a separate bus.

“The police were brilliant in helping out and directing traffic around the incident.

“We will be launching an inquiry to ascertain what happened, when we will speak to pupils and the bus company.”

Bus firm Transdev said the driver was last night being interviewed by bosses and the bus had been taken back to the depot for investigations.

A spokesman for the firm said: “We will conduct a thorough review to discover exactly what happened and will work closely with police.”