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Review: Cockermouth

Lancashire Telegraph:

10:51am Monday 21st July 2014

RIVING along the narrow, winding roads alongside Windermere, towards Cockermouth, it is easy to imagine I am Steve Coogan in Michael Winterbottom’s bitter-sweet BBC comedy The Trip.

Review: Lysos, Western Cyprus

Lancashire Telegraph: TRANQUIL LOCATION Paradisos Hills.

11:06am Monday 23rd June 2014

WHILE slowly digesting the mountains of meat meze that had been arriving at our table for the last hour, a smartly dressed Cypriot man approached our table on the patio: “The parents of the baby girl would be delighted if you joined them for a drink and a dance after your dinner,” he said.

Review: Vienna

Lancashire Telegraph: ELEGANCE Vienna City Hall

3:27pm Monday 9th June 2014

PRIOR to travelling to Vienna, my only real knowledge of the city stemmed from my love of Carol Reed’s 1949 classic noir thriller, The Third Man, which sees Joseph Cotton unfurling the mystery surrounding the disappearance of his friend Orson Welles in the Austrian capital.

Review: Life’s a breeze in Gothenburg

11:54am Monday 2nd June 2014

Cycling around the picturesque streets of Styrso, an island in Gothenburg’s southern archipelago, the cool sea breeze whips through my hair and provides much-needed relief from the soaring heat of the sun.

Review: Dumfries and Galloway

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Dumfries and Galloway

3:16pm Thursday 15th May 2014

GETTING away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is what we should all do more often.

Travel review: Naples

Lancashire Telegraph: Dramatic Island of Ischia and, below, boats in Ischia harbour and the island of Elba

10:18am Monday 12th May 2014

Dining outside on a balmy summer evening, I watch luxury yachts bob up and down in the marina as a guitar player gently strums away.

Review: Rome

Lancashire Telegraph: BEAUTY Ponte Sant Angelo and Castel Sant’Angelo, Rome

10:13am Tuesday 6th May 2014

The Trevi Fountain may have been deserted when Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck filmed their iconic scenes in Roman Holiday, but today, the cosy square where the Baroque masterpiece resides is awash with tourists.

Review: Corfu

Lancashire Telegraph: Blue skies over Corfu.

10:46am Monday 28th April 2014

THE sun was most definitely over the yardarm as the young Greek waiter guided our small motorboat and its thirsty occupants into a mooring space on the simple wooden jetty.

Review: Veneto, Italy

Lancashire Telegraph: Serene: A view of the Veneto.

11:30am Tuesday 22nd April 2014

IT was hard to say goodbye to No 8, my trusty two-wheel companion. For five days we were pretty much inseparable, exploring the glorious surroundings of Italy's beautiful Veneto region by pedal power.

Travel: Mexico

Lancashire Telegraph: Travel: Mexico

11:13am Monday 27th January 2014

I have discovered an instant cure for seasickness. Transfixed on watching the spectacle of a whale courtship ritual, I totally forget about my ocean-induced nausea.

Travel: Madrid

Lancashire Telegraph: Travel: Madrid

1:46pm Monday 13th January 2014

A railway museum in southern Madrid may not seem the most obvious place to pick up a vintage clothing bargain. Unless you’re visiting on the second weekend of the month, that is.

Review: Enjoy nature and luxury in Sardinia

Lancashire Telegraph: The Costa Smeralda

10:04am Monday 6th January 2014

STROLLING back to my room, munching on an apple, I bumped into a couple of strange fellow guests. A wild boar and her youngster shuffled on the path in front of me, sniffing around for fruit which the hotel staff had left out.

Review: Spitsbergen

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Spitsbergen

4:37pm Thursday 2nd January 2014

Gripping their harness tightly, I try with all my might to stop the eager pack of husky dogs from tearing loose.

Review: California’s finest slopes

Lancashire Telegraph: Snowy beauty of Mammoth Mountain

3:53pm Monday 25th November 2013

Skiing? In California? It doesn’t really fit with the archetypal picture of sun-kissed beaches frequented by A-list Hollywood starlets.

Review: Copenhagen

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Copenhagen

3:43pm Tuesday 19th November 2013

HAVE no idea if Danny Kaye ever visited Denmark when he sang about Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen all those years ago, but after an all-too short break in the capital I have to say his verdict is spot on.

Travel: Northern Lights are just cosmic

Lancashire Telegraph: Tourists ride Norwegian ponies on a frozen lake in Norway and (below) writer Kate Whiting takes charge of Secko, the husky-type hound, before they set off on a dogsledding adventure on an all-terrain vehicle into a winter wonderland

3:24pm Monday 4th November 2013

It's pitch dark and I'm flat on my back on a frozen lake in the middle of nowhere. Above me, it seems that almost half the sky is lit up with a sash of minty-green light that appears to ripple and dance.

Review: Pas de la Casa, the spectacular ski resort

Lancashire Telegraph: In Pas de la Casa with Richard Jones, top left, Christmas revellers and using the new ski lifts

3:33pm Tuesday 29th October 2013

THE holy trinity of skiing holidays is good snow, exciting apres ski and value for money. And a trip to Pas de la Casa in Andorra ticks all three boxes.

Review: La Croix du Vieux Pont in the Berny Riviere

Lancashire Telegraph: The hobbit-like treehouse and, above, the safari tent where Lisa and her daughter Isabelle enjoyed a break

5:28pm Tuesday 22nd October 2013

KeyCamp have holiday parcs in a number of European countries, so I was spoilt for choice, but eventually I picked the popular La Croix du Vieux Pont in the Berny Riviere area of France, about an hour away from Paris.

Soar away from the crowds in South Devon

Lancashire Telegraph: SHORE WINNER Stunning South Devon scenery and, below, one of the hotel’s plush rooms

12:57pm Monday 23rd September 2013

WANT to feel worlds away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life but without leaving British shores?

Harvest a slice of Italy

Lancashire Telegraph: The historic Masseria San Domenico hotel. Below, one the region’s estimated 66 million olive trees, regarded by locals as national monuments

1:07pm Tuesday 17th September 2013

NEW hotels can boast of having a bar built around a national monument. But rather than being made from bricks and mortar, the treasured centerpiece of Masseria San Domenico’s al fresco dining area is a living, photosynthesising organism.

Take a wheel-y great city break

Lancashire Telegraph: Cycling in the car-free Flemish city of Ghent

1:10pm Tuesday 17th September 2013

When Ghent’s city centre was declared car-free in 1997, there were more than a few grumbles.

Travel: California dreaming

Lancashire Telegraph: San Diego's waterfront

6:02pm Monday 2nd September 2013

While the bright lights of Los Angeles and the cosmopolitan hipster hang-out of San Francisco get most of the attention, Mark Bridges found another city, San Diego, which is more than worthy of a visit . . .

A real flavour of the Tyne and beyond

Lancashire Telegraph: Newcastle's EAT! festival

5:32pm Tuesday 27th August 2013

Twenty years ago, when I was last in Newcastle, the idea of taking a holiday in this proud city would have appealed only to football fanatics, stag night masochists and all-night clubbers.

Lovely coast has its time in the sun

6:08pm Monday 19th August 2013

It is such a long, long time since I have sat by the beach as darkness descended that I had no idea of the excitement which would erupt when the setting sun slipped beneath the Atlantic waves in our quiet Cornish bay.

A beautiful journey through time

Lancashire Telegraph: The 100-year old Soller train in Majorca

5:41pm Monday 5th August 2013

IT’S definitely not hi-tech, the comfort value isn’t much to write home about, and don’t expect to be served eats or drinks. Yet, its popularity never fades among holidaymakers around the world.

Heaven in Devon

Lancashire Telegraph: The lovely Woolacombe Bay

5:35pm Monday 29th July 2013

WITH two children under five, the Woolacombe Bay Holiday Park almost seemed too good to be true as the answer to our annual holiday conundrum.

Croatia to draw more tourists

Lancashire Telegraph: Timeless Adriatic gem

5:47pm Monday 22nd July 2013

As Croatia becomes the 28th country to join the EU, tour operators and travel agents say the number of British visitors will surge between now and 2017.

Story book trip to the Lakes

Lancashire Telegraph: A view from Lindeth Howe County House Hotel and Restaurant

5:45pm Monday 22nd July 2013

It’s hard not to fall in love with Beatrix Potter's charming children’s stories: Naughty Peter Rabbit getting caught in Mr McGregor's garden, the very busy Mrs Tiggy-Winkle working hard to wash and iron everyone’s clothes, and the determined Jemima Puddle-Duck, so desperate to hatch her own eggs.

Travel: Summer weekend breaks

Lancashire Telegraph: Lausanne's natural beauty is captivating.

10:30am Tuesday 16th July 2013

In need of a vitamin D fix? SARAH MARSHALL recommends the best summer weekend breaks in Europe . . .

Travel: an epic tour of Washington DC, Baltimore and Alexandria

Lancashire Telegraph: Carmine's Italian restaurant in Washington

10:28am Tuesday 16th July 2013

THE Capitol Building looked like a giant wedding cake against Washington DC's skyline.

Travel: Uncovering the secrets of Umbria

5:54pm Monday 24th June 2013

There’s a town in the heart of Italy that has everything. Fascinating history, stunning scenery, fantastic food and world-class hospitality.

Travel: A trip to bustling Singapore

Lancashire Telegraph: Singapore's towering skyline

5:51pm Monday 24th June 2013

AS I look up at the towering buildings in Singapore’s thriving business district, and try to breathe through a thick blanket of humidity, there’s a tangible buzz in the air.

Travel: The Norwegian fjords

Lancashire Telegraph: Norway offers spectacular scenery

6:23pm Monday 10th June 2013

Sailing smoothly into Copenhagen, past an array of beautiful Scandinavian islands, my wife and I enjoyed breakfast on our sun-soaked stateroom balcony.

Travel: A hidden side to the Dales

Lancashire Telegraph: The Punch Bowl Inn nestling in Swaledale offers boutique-style luxury in the heart of the countryside

6:21pm Monday 10th June 2013

MENTION ‘the Dales’ and most East Lancashire people probably think of Skipton, Settle and maybe Ingleton, Malham and the three Peaks.

Sampling a taste of the real Turkey

6:12pm Monday 3rd June 2013

It’s likely you know someone who’s been to Turkey on a package holiday.

Travel: In the footsteps of Mr Blobby

5:35pm Monday 27th May 2013

If you’re old enough to be reading an article about holidays with kids, chances are you’re old enough to remember Noel’s House Party. When the Saturday night TV ratings winner reached its peak in the late 90s, one enterprising Somerset country estate signed up to become the ‘House’ of the ‘Party’. It proved to be a costly mistake.

Berlin is roaring like the '20s again

Lancashire Telegraph: LANDMARK: The famous Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, one of the biggest attractions in this exciting and cosmopolitan city

6:01pm Monday 20th May 2013

A chorus line of 32 stunning girls, high-kicking with military precision on a vast Berlin stage, prove to me that the city’s 1920s theatrical traditions are still alive and blooming.

Experience Moscow's fascinating history

10:11am Monday 6th May 2013

WITH the weather thinking it's stuck in winter, you might be be tempted to reach for the travel brochure and book yourself a few days on a beach.

Art treasures make Amsterdam a prime city break location

Lancashire Telegraph: Come dusk, canals are lit up by lights in Amsterdam

5:38pm Monday 29th April 2013

Bicycles jingle and clatter across red-brick bridges — some carrying “wheelbarrows” filled with children, others with passengers riding side-saddle on the back.

On land and sea, a Universal hit

Lancashire Telegraph: Review: Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida.

4:45pm Monday 22nd April 2013

I consider myself to be an independent traveller type and this was the first package holiday I had been on in years.

Pirates' haunt is a holiday treasure

3:10pm Tuesday 2nd April 2013

Since Christopher Columbus encountered the Virgin Islands on his second voyage to the New World in 1493, waves of visitors have followed his lead and sailed through this precious chain of more than 40 islands, islets and cays in the Caribbean Sea.

Diamond city has so many facets

Lancashire Telegraph: Antwerp has lots to offer

5:47pm Monday 11th March 2013

Antwerp is famous its cheese, beer, chocolates and diamonds, so it is little wonder that it is one of Europe’s growing tourist destinations.

China, just as I pictured it

4:24pm Monday 4th March 2013

If I had been plucked from London and dropped in Guilin, I would have instantly known I was in China.

Lemurs of Madagascar are a real sight to behold

5:36pm Monday 11th February 2013

It starts at 2am, an unearthly chorus of high-pitched wails that wraps the forest in a suffocating embrace.

Spine-tingling moments on a tour of the Holy Land

Lancashire Telegraph: East Jerusalem

5:16pm Wednesday 6th February 2013

THREE brief moments on a whistle-stop tour of the Holy Land were enough to send a shiver down any traveller’s spine.

Travel: Doing good will do you good

4:31pm Monday 28th January 2013

It’s pitch black as we set off in a small wooden boat along a tributary of the Samiria River, deep in the Amazon basin.

Travel: Yorkshire boot camp break

6:20pm Monday 14th January 2013

A beautiful country house perched in the hills of North Yorkshire, with delicious food served by a personal chef, doesn’t really sound like the setting for a boot camp. But throw daily eight-hour training sessions with two soldiers into the equation and a stay at Lifestyle 247 quickly becomes hard work.

Awestruck by marine marvels

5:31pm Monday 7th January 2013

The minute I topple over the side of the boat in East Malaysia, I know everything has changed forever.

A skol lot of fun skiing in Sweden

Lancashire Telegraph: LOOK GOIOD FEEL GOOD: Be sure to ski safe

11:58am Wednesday 2nd January 2013

Being a seasoned skier, I normally head for the French or Swiss Alps in winter. Iconic peaks, world-class pistes and a lively apres ski atmosphere keep me coming back year after year.

Review: Cancun, Mexico

5:23pm Thursday 27th December 2012

I probably shouldn’t confess this but a tiny, sugar-coated-almond-sized part of me was looking forward to my Mexican honeymoon more than my actual wedding day.


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