HE MAY have only been to Blackburn in November, but when Jimmy Carr returned to King George's Hall last night with his Repeat Offender show, the crowd lapped it up.

He sailed pretty close to the wind, particularly with the jokes about his dentist (which I couldn't possibly repeat) but he gets away with being so close to the bone because his jokes are genuinely funny.

That angelic face seems to help somehow too.

He insulted just about every minority you could think of, but if you were the kind of person to be offended by that you'd probably know better than to go to a Jimmy Carr gig.

There were some repeatable ones thrown in for good measure too, including my favourite.

"Gillian McKeith, she's the one off You Are What You Eat. What have you been eating Gillian? The witch from Rentaghost?"

And I liked his poem juxtaposing going to war with a strip club.

Of course there were the hecklers - any Jimmy Carr gig wouldn't be complete without them.

Carr openly invites heckles because he can out-wit them all.

But whilst this bit provided some of the funniest moments of the show, it also got slightly annoying when one drunken heckler refused to be quiet and had to be removed by security.

But despite Carr's arrogant image he must be a nice guy underneath it all, because he told the bouncers to take the heckler to the bar and buy him a beer rather than kicking him out.