WE all know the tale of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, with the evil Queen and her poisonous apple and I’m pleased to say this adaptation at Colne Muni didn't disappoint!

Taking my four-year-old daughter to watch her first panto was a truly magical experience.

She was so excited to see one of her favorite films come to life on the stage and to be honest so was I.

The Muni was packed full with adults and children of all ages, most of the children waving flashing torches and wands, the place buzzing with the anticipation of what was to come.

It didn't take long before the whole audience was joining in with the cast and their “oh no you didn't” and “he's behind you” routine. Even I found myself shouting and clapping away.

Mr Pantomime George Critchley plays the mixed-up Muddles and kept the audience entertained with his jokes and energetic presence.

We especially enjoyed a 12 days of Christmas sketch he did with the handsome prince and his mother Dame Duddles, which had the three of them running up and down the stage with wellies, rubber ducks and a bra made for three!

The costumes were sparkling, the singing amazing and with the odd bit of adult humour thrown in for good measure it was a brilliant show for all the family – thoroughly enjoyable!

Tickets available from The Muni box office 01282 661234 Show runs until Sunday, January 22.