A STRESSED New York couple discovers a gentler pace of life outside of the big city in David Wain’s raucous comedy.

George (Paul Rudd) and Linda (Jennifer Aniston) are too busy fighting the tide of the rat race to devote enough time and energy to their relationship so when redundancy derails their plans, they are forced to regroup.

The lovebirds reluctantly decide to move to Georgia to live with George’s crass brother, Rick (Ken Marino).

En route, they stop at a hippy, hedonistic community called Elysium, led by the charismatic Seth (Justin Theroux), who believes that all forms of pleasure should be embraced by the residents.

At first, Linda refuses to enter into the spirit of Elysium but George finds the openness of his new surroundings a tonic, sharing his feelings with bumbling founder Carvin (Alan Alda).

Over time though, Linda begins to blossom and the lovers must look deep within to decide if their future lies together.