In space, everyone can hear you scream — so it seems in Lockout, Stephen St Leger and James Mather’s brawny, testosterone-fuelled action romp that follows a similar plot to the 1981 classic Escape From New York.

Hard-bitten ex-CIA operative Agent Snow (Guy Pearce) is framed for murder by the corrupt men he planned to expose.

Snow is offered a chance at redemption if he agrees to spearhead a suicide mission led by secret service operatives Langral (Peter Stormare) and Shaw (Lennie James) to rescue the president’s daughter Emilie Warnock (Maggie Grace) from a 21st century Alcatraz during a mass breakout of the prison population.

She has travelled to the orbiting prison to interview inmates about the possible side-effects of drugs used to keep them in stasis.

In order to escape, Snow must join forces with Emilie to outwit the two deadliest prisoners: Alex (Vincent Regan) and his deranged brother Hydell (Joe Gilgun).