Address: Simmons St, Blackburn

Phone number: 01254 680980

Lancashire Telegraph review by Richard Carr from December 4, 2009.

Addict benefits from the impressive modernisation of Sudell Cross, sitting in a relatively peaceful corner of town between Richmond Terrace and the new university building.

It is a modern, stylish “coffee and internet bar” with not many equivalents I know of in the area.

Computers with free internet access line the wall as you move down in search of a seat. Once settled, you can take advantage of wi-fi coverage while you eat.

It’s not clear at first whether a waiter will come for your order, which I think every cafe should make obvious.

The menu sounds wonderful though and we went for a mozzarella panini and a Greek feta salad, which came to £6.80. Both came with a small bowl of olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping, which was a nice touch.

Thankfully, style didn’t come at the expense of substance and the portions were large and tasted lovely.

If I had been staying longer I would have asked that the music be turned down, as it felt at times like Shakira was sitting on my knee warbling into my right ear.

For a lot of men that would be a big plus, though, so let it not detract from what is a very pleasant alternative to the more traditional cafes around town.

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