Plans for a 500-capacity wedding venue which was described as a “monstrous carbuncle” by objectors have been rejected by the council.

Hundreds of objections were lodged by disgruntled residents, after a planning application to build a large-scale wedding venue near Nelson Golf Club was submitted to Pendle Council in December by Amor Asset Management Ltd.

Had it been approved, the Rockwood Glass Marquee, on a piece of land next to Rockwood Manor, Halifax Road, between Brierfcliffe and Brierfield, would have been able to accommodate more than 500 people, plus 60 staff, with provision for 159 car parking spaces and room for two coaches.

A new access road off Halifax Road would have also been created, with the venue overlooking Nelson Golf Club's first green and second tee boxes.

The plans were due to go before Pendle Council's planning committee at the beginning of February following an initial consultation period which ended on January 1.

However, hundreds of objections were made to Pendle Council throughout January and February, not only from residents, but from neighbouring local authorities and stakeholder agencies, and at the request of the developers, the planning committee meeting and decision was adjourned.

A decision on the application was deferred until last night (Monday, March 4), and following the meeting of Nelson, Brierfield and Reedley Committee, the plans were refused.

A report to the committee stated the plans were refused for the following reasons: “The development site is located beyond the settlement boundary and is poorly located to support sustainable travel modes, it is an unsustainable location for the proposed use which would result in excessive reliance on private motor vehicles.

“The proposed development would result in unacceptable landscape and visual impacts to the detriment of the landscape character and visual amenity of the area.

“The proposed development would be likely to result in unacceptable impacts from noise and disturbance upon the approved dwelling on land to the south of Rockwood to the detriment of the residential amenity of future occupants.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Halifax RoadHalifax Road (Image: Google Maps)

The report also noted Lancashire County Council’s highways department had objected on several grounds, stating there would be “significant impact on highway safety, capacity or amenity in the immediate vicinity of the site”.

The Coal Authority initially objected but withdrew this following the submission of a coal mining risk assessment.

Concerns were also raised by Pendle Council’s environmental health team in relation to impacts of noise from the development on residential properties.

Brierfield Town Council made no response to the application, but Briercliffe Parish Council did object on several grounds including referring to the scale of the building being too large for the site; building and materials being out of character for the location; and supporting Lancashire County Council’s objection on highway safety grounds.

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Briercliffe Parish Council also said the venue would result in a “nuisance to local residents from noise and light pollution”.

Burnley Council suggested the loss of open space should be considered and expressed concerns regarding the design of the proposal, which would be visible from several locations within the borough of Burnley, including from the surrounding network of public footpaths.

Safety issues for guests were also raised due to the venue's planned location being in close proximity to Nelson Golf Club.

There were however many responses in support of the application, which included comments about the potential financial benefits for the areas, promotion of tourism, and a “huge need for a venue of this quality in Pendle”.

No objections were made by the Flood Authority, subject to conditions for surface water drainage, construction drainage and drainage management and maintenance.

The report went on: “The applicant has resulted in a significant amount of comments both in support and against the application.

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“Comments have also been made about the nature of the publicity and whether that was lawful and adequate.

“The application was publicised by informing immediate neighbours, by publicity in the paper and by a notice on site. This fully fulfils the lawful requirements for publicity.

“The applicant also references decisions for housing development on adjacent sites which were determined to be sustainable locations.

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“However, they were determined to be sustainable locations for minor housing developments, that is fundamentally different to the assessment of a wedding venue with a capacity of 500 guests.

“Taking the above factors into account the site is an unsustainable location for the proposed wedding venue use.

Lancashire Telegraph: The site location from above The site location from above (Image: Pendle Council)

“Furthermore, the site is located beyond the settlement within the open countryside. Policy SDP2 states that proposals outside of a settlement boundary will only be permitted for those exceptions identified in the framework or policies of Pendle’s development plan. The proposed development does not meet any such exception.

“A large wedding venue has recently been granted permission in a more sustainable location with the settlement of Nelson.

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“There is no evidence of a need for a wedding venue such as this in Pendle or the wider area which may be weighed into the planning balance.

"The location is not a suitable, sustainable site for such a venue.”

The developer, Amor Asset Management Ltd, can now decide whether it would like to appeal the refusal decision, or submit an alternative application.