Hundreds of objections have been lodged by disgruntled residents after a planning application to build a large-scale wedding venue, branded by one objector as a, ‘monstrous carbuncle’, was submitted to the council.

If approved, the Rockwood Glass Marquee, on a piece of land next to Rockwood Manor, Halifax Road, between Brierfcliffe and Brierfield, would accommodate more than 500 people within the venue, plus 60 staff, with provision for 159 car parking spaces and room for two coaches.

A new access road off Halifax Road would also be created.

But people living nearby say the layout and density of the development is out of character in terms of the area’s existing residential properties, and its three-tier, entirely glass structure and would involve a change of land usage from residential to commercial use.

Lancashire Telegraph: What the entrance to the Glasshouse Marquee would look like coming off Halifax Road What the entrance to the Glasshouse Marquee would look like coming off Halifax Road (Image: Pendle Council)

They have also cited possible noise and light emission nuisances; highway congestion; problems with drainage and public sewerage systems; negative impacts on walkers who seek to enjoy the peaceful surroundings; and impacts on the flora and fauna as areas of major concerns for local residents, golf club members and farmers.

One resident, who has set up an action group, but did not wish to be named, said: “This is a development adjoining green spaces including farmland, public footpaths and a golf course which is enjoyed by hundreds of people who enjoy the open vistas towards Thursden, Boulsworth Hill, Catlow Valley and other open countryside.

“Of major concern to objectors is the possible highway congestion on what is a major route between Briercliffe and Burnley to Nelson and Colne especially given the proposed cemetery access on the same stretch on Halifax Road. 

“It is believed that this part of Pendle does not have the necessary infrastructure for the anticipated volume of traffic nor effective traffic-calming measures on what is already considered to be a dangerous road which has suffered fatalities and is subject to speeding cars. 

“Also, the parking spaces on the proposed site are of an insufficient ratio to accommodate the expected number of patrons and therefore there is concern that Halifax Road and neighbouring Kings Causeway will become congested with parked cars over-spilling from the venue. 

“The latter road has already been highlighted as problematic because of roadside parking by Nelson Golf Club members.”

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Lancashire Telegraph: Another aerial view of what the wedding venue could look likeAnother aerial view of what the wedding venue could look like (Image: Pendle Council)

A planning statement lodged with Pendle Council at the beginning of December reads: “The proposed scheme would comprise the erection of a glass marquee (with back of house functions), surrounded by the associated access and parking infrastructure and landscaped grounds.

“The main access to the site with be newly created, directly from Halifax Road.

“With regard to noise, the assessment was commissioned to consider the potential impacts of amplified music within the building and activities from patrons in the external areas of the development.

“It is predicated on the potential for the venue to be used throughout the week, opening at 11am with a final closing time of 11pm.

“If we take the presumption that most events will be held over the three-day weekend as a conservative estimate i.e., Friday/Saturday/Sunday, this gives us 52 weekends in the year, at three days per weekend which equals 156 events in the year.

“The vision for the Rockwood Glass Marquee in the Pendle area is not just a blueprint for an architectural masterpiece; it's a testament to the dedication and passion of a native son who has chosen to reinvest in his roots.

“As a child of Pendle, the applicant's journey from a modest beginning, fuelled by an initial £2,000 start-up grant from the borough, to the pinnacle of success in the world of film and finance, is nothing short of inspirational.

“His decision to channel a personal investment of £4 million into the Pendle area, despite lucrative offers from other regions, is a powerful declaration of his commitment to giving back to the community that nurtured his early aspirations.

“The Rockwood Glass Marquee is envisioned as a ground-breaking venture, set to revolutionize the wedding and events industry in Pendle.

“The economic impact of this project is monumental. By creating 60 fulltime jobs and injecting over £1 million annually in wages, the Glass Marquee will directly address the rising unemployment and economic inactivity in the borough.

“The anticipated revenue generation of up to £8.5 million annually is set to invigorate the local economy, enhancing the financial vitality of the region.

“In essence, the Rockwood Glass Marquee is more than a venue; it's a catalyst for transformation in Pendle, reflecting the applicant's profound connection to his roots and his unwavering belief in the borough's potential.”

The action group member added that while objectors recognised the need to stimulate the local economy and provide employment opportunities, they believe the site for this proposal is inappropriate, and point to the major development of a 600 person/200 car park space wedding venue that is already under construction only five minutes away on Manchester Road.

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The resident said: “Six hundred leaflets are being distributed as we speak, and 50 posters are being put up around the area.

“Objections are already heading towards 200 after several days campaigning which will continue until the closing date of January 1 2024.”

Last year, permission for four homes to be built on land north of Rockwood was granted by Pendle Council but work has yet to begin. And last month, a controversial application seeking permission in principle to build a home on land south of Rockwood was also given the green light.

Lancashire Telegraph: Halifax Road as it is todayHalifax Road as it is today (Image: Google Maps)

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Amongst the hundred of objections on Pendle Council’s website, is one which reads: “The main issues will be the noise factor, i.e, fireworks which are set off at these venues, we can hear them already from Barrowford and clock house areas, not to mention the venue being so close to a working farm where livestock are kept.

“The other issue will be traffic on the roads and the fact that the weddings more than often than not, include a tirade of rented super cars revving their engines, beeping horns, driving at speed and racing. Halifax Road will become a drag strip from the speed bumps to the Sun Inn.

“This project is not welcomed, especially in such a residential area, just as a nightclub wouldn’t be welcomed.”

Another objection read: “The proposed location of this monstrous carbuncle is not suitable for probably 300 cars arriving at every event.

“The road next to Nelson Golf Club is often dangerous, and has antisocial parking, and here I would estimate car numbers are fewer than 50.

“I would like to object in the strongest terms to this inappropriate development. I really cannot believe it is even being given consideration.”

The Coal Authority has also objected to the plans, as has Lancashire County Council’s highways department, saying it is, “of the opinion that the proposed development will have a significant impact on highway safety, capacity or amenity in the immediate vicinity of the site”.

Anyone wishing to comment on the plans has until January 1 to do so and can submit their views via Pendle Council’s website.