WATERFOOT'S Kristan Bromley will be hurtling at speeds of up to 84mph on a skeleton bobsleigh – often described as ‘sliding on a tea tray - as this year's Winter Olympics begin.

The games will be a real family affair for Kristan as both he and fiancée Shelley Rudman compete in the skeleton bobsleigh, an event where competitors ride a small sled down a frozen track while lying face down.

Kristan, 37, has competed since 1996 and in 2008 became the first man in history to win the World Championship, European Championship and World Cup in the same season.

He has gained the nickname Dr Ice from friends after completing a PhD in mechanical design, materials and manufacture.

His parents Ray and Mavis Bromley will be flying out to Canada with Kristan and Shelley’s two-year-old daughter Ella to watch the action.

Mrs Bromley said: “We’re always back and forth at this time of year following them around, and Ella seems to really enjoy it.

"She gets spoilt by the competitiors from different nations.

“We’re so proud of them both and what they have achieved so far.

“He got into the skeleton bobsleigh after helping to design a sled while he was at British Aerospace and nobody else wanted to try it out.

“He found out he was good at it and enjoyed it and he’s not looked back since.”

Kristan’s engineer brother Richard is also out in Vancouver with the team as he designed the sleds they will be using.