NOAH Chamberlain has been driving karts since he was in nursery, regularly takes his trophies to ‘show and tell’ sessions in the classroom and spends as much of the school holidays as possible on the race track.

It would be fair to say that six-year-old Noah was born to race!

Ever since dad Glen bought him his first kart, he has been lapping it up.

He was driving karts at four and racing them at five – happy to fly around circuits at more than 40mph.

Not only does he like it, he happens to be pretty good too.

The Oswaldtwistle ace currently lies in second place in the rankings in the Hooton Park Indi-Kart Championships at Hooton Park, Ellesmere Port in his first full season.

After three rounds of the 12 race series, he has two second places to his name and a third.

The only thing that is holding him back is speed, or rather lack of it. But that is something his dad is working on.

“I suppose I am being a bit bias but Noah is one of the best young drivers around,” said Glen. “His hero is Lewis Hamilton and he drives like him as well.

“His overtaking manoeuvres are second to none and he is extremely brave and goes for gaps if he sees them.

“The only thing that is holding him back at the moment is speed. That’s my department and we are constantly trying to find ways of getting the kart to go faster.”

Noah already has a growing collection of trophies which he regularly shows off to his pals at St Andrew’s Primary School in Oswaldtwistle.

“They love it and Noah loves to show off his silverware,” added Glen.

“I suppose it is a little different to usual sports, especially someone so young.”

The Chamberlains run like a mini F1 team and Glen’s background in mechanics makes him the perfect pit stop dad.

Along with his partner Gemma and pal Sam, Glen makes sure he has the kart in tip-top racing condition – even taking part in practice sessions in North Wales.

“We go to Wales twice a month to work on the kart. We are always tinkering to try and make it that bit better, that bit faster. We recently got our hands on a kart with a bigger and better engine so hopefully that first win is not too far away.”

As with all sports, funding is an issue and Glen is hoping to find a backer that could perhaps help Noah realise his true potential.

“It is expensive and I’m ploughing in a lot of my own money each month. It would be great if we could find a sponsor to take us to that next level.”

And Glen and Noah have their eyes on that next level.

While the immediate aim is to do as well as possible in the Hooton Park Indi-Kart Championships, Glen’s ears have been pricked with news that F1 team Caterham Racing could be about to branch out in to karting.

“It is early days but that is something we would be very interested in getting involved in,” added Glen. “It would be a stepping stone up through the karting classes and then possibly on to Formula Two and beyond.”

They are big plans and big dreams but should Noah make it to the top, then he would certainly have something to ‘show and tell’ his old school mates.

  • Anyone interested in sponsoring Noah, should contact his dad Glen Chamberlain on 07834 776810.