Former head coach of Preston swimming club, David Fairhurst, has joined Blackburn Centurions as the new head coach.

David Fairhurst has coached swimmers both at regional and national level and has coached swimmers who have progressed through to European Juniors – including Dan Sliwinski, British record holder 100m breast-stroke champion who was selected for London 2012 Olympics, and Jack Bridge who reached the London 2012 Paralympics finals.

“We are delighted to have David on board, with over 20 years of coaching experience, this is a major step forward in our club's progression in competitive swimming as we have several talented swimmers,” said Neil Cooper, chairman of Blackburn Centurions.

The club is looking for a record number of swimmer competing in the local micro-league galas and the North Lancashire Galas this season.

“We hope to have a record number of swimmers competing this season across both events,” added Cooper. “Swimmers with fast enough qualifying times will progress to the county championships in March followed by the regional championships in the summer.

“At each level the qualifying times get harder and we hope this season to have swimmers progress through to national level under the tuition of the new head coach.”

Five of the club’s swimmers were selected to swim as part of the North Lancashire team last weekend and Cooper believes competitive swimming is great for youngsters.

“Competitive swimming at club level can be fun, exciting and a great way to make friends, the social aspect is also very important and swimming against other clubs at galas instils a great team spirit.”

Anyone interested in joining the club should phone 07816-302849 or they can log on to