Golf results October 19


Ladies EWGA Medal – 1st: Janet Ingham 95-21=74; 2nd: Pam Elyounnssi 108-29=79.


Gents Dave Burnett Trophy – 1st: S Brunton 68-5=63; 0-12, 1st: A Maudsley 71-6=65 (cpo); 13-28, 1st: J Morville 79-14=65, Best Gross: N Uttley 69 (cpo)


Team of three – 1st: Stella Newton, Kate Dennis + Vena Eastwood 71pts Accrington Wilson Bowl – 1st: S Vine 76-13=63; First Division, 1st D J Kadic 72-4=68 (cpo), 2nd R Hartley 78-10=68 (cpo); Second Division: 1st D Rodwell 78-12=66; 2nd: S Westwell 79-12=67; Third Division: 1st: R Brown 83-16=67 (cpo) 2nd: P Raw 83-16=67 (cpo); Fourth Division: 1st: I Shuttleworth 96-25=71, 2nd: A Wilcock 92-20=72 (cpo); Gross: A R Smith 69.

Great Harwood

Ian Holt Golden Eagle Putter – 1st: G Dodd 82-16=66; 2nd: T Jones 89-20=69; 3rd: G Wolstenholme 84-15=69.

Mytton Fold

Frank Hargreaves Memorial Trophy – Division One: 1st: Baz Hargreaves; Division Two: 1st: Jim Bridge. Nearest the pin: Baz Hargreaves


Medal Number Seven – Division One: 1st: David Oldfield 76-9=67, 2nd: Peter Lord 76-7=69, 3rd: Stuart Biggs 75-5=70 Division Two – 1st: Mark Willmore 77-14=63; 2nd: Greg Lomax 78-12=66 (cpo); 3rd: Chris Daunt 78-12=66 Division Three – 1st: David Giles 85-19=66; 2nd: Rob Swift 85-18=67; 3rd: Ross Erwin 88-20=68


Seniors Open – 1st: M Smalley, A Jones, D Arkwright, A Thompson 89pts; 2nd: I Rhodes, D Tayfourth, J Farnhill, R Spragg 84pts; 3rd: C Turnbull, B Coombes, R Woods, J Shuttleworth 83pts