PAUL Agnew is expected to be unveiled as director of communications at Blackburn Rovers imminently after coming to an agreement in principle with owners Venky’s.

The club’s press officer for the past 14 years has been invited to take a seat on the board and is set to accept the new role.

The 54-year-old, a former chief executive at Preston North End and journalist, currently runs a PR company, PAPR.

He said: “As a Blackburn Rovers supporter from the age of six, there were two big dreams. One to play for the club or to have a role in the running of it.

“It is a massive honour to be invited to become director of communications, and maybe there is something there that people can relate to, being a genuine Blackburn Rovers supporter.

“I am well aware of the situation we find ourselves in. I am well aware communication has been an issue and will do my level best to make sure there are improvements.

“During my time being involved in football, I have seen all sides of it, from the press room to the board room, and I feel I have a handle on it and do know Blackburn Rovers exceptionally well.

“This a great chance for me and it is up to me to prove I am up to a very serious under taking.”