THIS weekend’s game against Crystal Palace at the Turf seems as good a time as ever to talk about one of my favourite words – stability.

On the one side you have the Clarets – same manager in Sean Dyche since 2012, two promotions to the Premier League, money in the bank, no debts.

In contrast you have our visitors. Frank de Boer is the Eagles’ sixth manager since Dyche took the helm at Turf Moor and, while they have enjoyed a longer unbroken run in the Premier League than the Clarets, they’ve struggled for the last two seasons and currently sit second bottom.

Not just second bottom but without a point or a goal to their name. Only West Ham’s woeful defensive record has stopped them hitting rock bottom.

They’re not a very patient bunch in the boardroom at Selhurst Park and there’s already talk of de Boer being shown the door.

The problem when you change managers as regularly as Palace have is that you bring in bosses with different styles, different philosophies and who ultimately want different players to what they have.

Dyche may not have been the most glamorous name on the bookies’ long list when we were hunting for a replacement for Eddie Howe but I wouldn’t swap him for anyone, not Mourinho, not Guardiola, not Klopp and not Conte.

As football fans we think we have a God-given right to success, to have the best players, to have the best manager but we don’t. Not really.

I know a couple of Palace fans and I know that they’d happily swap places with us because they can see a project here that isn’t being replicated in many other places.

We might love a good whinge but let’s be thankful for what we have eh?

Finally, a word about John Motson. The BBC’s veteran commentator is to hang up his mic at the end of this season and I have to say it’s not before time.

Motty used to be a bit of a hero of mine growing up but his style over the last few years has become very outdated and I’m surprised the BBC has stuck with him for so long.

I’d much rather see some new talent – both male and female – coming through the BBC commentary ranks and get the chance of calling some of the country’s top matches.