I MUST admit, I still pinch myself when I wake up in a morning and think about where Burnley are in the league table.

By close of play tomorrow the dream could become a reality.

I’ve never known the town this buoyant. Clarets supporters are all over the moon. And it’s all because of the manager.

When Sean Dyche came in and spoke about a one-club mentality you wondered whether it would be possible to achieve such an ideal, and how it could be done.

But in less than two seasons he has cracked it, completely uniting the town and the club.

He said results would be the key factor, and of course in many ways he is right. But I think the town have really warmed to him as a person as much as a manager, and bought into everything he has said.

While we are all living the dream, this is no fluke, and once Burnley get up, I’m sure the manager is the man to keep them up.

I hope the board concur with that and put him on a longer contract, because I can see him here for the long haul and establishing the Clarets as a Premier League side.

He’s certainly the type of manager I would have wanted to play for – no-nonsense, straight talking, tells you what he wants you to do and the least he expects is hard work. He knows the fans have similar expectations and that is what has galvanised the togetherness.

He is immaculate on the touchline, but with the passion you like to see in a manager.

He keeps his messages and instructions simple to his players, and that’s important. You can get bogged down with information if you are bombarded with it. All you want is to do your job and do it well.

He has done a good job with existing players. You only have to look at the transformation in Sam Vokes to appreciate that.

But there are plenty of others whose games have been enhanced under his watch.

He has impressed me with the signings he has made too.

For me, it stems back all the way to pre-season with the hard work all the players had to put in, and they have carried it right the way through the course of the campaign.

They are on the verge of getting their rewards and I can’t wait for the promotion party to start.