IF Gary Bowyer dips back into the market he has to go and get another striker.

Jordan Rhodes is a player who likes to play on the shoulder so needs someone else to link up off.

He’s done reasonably well off Rudy Gestede. Rudy is not the ultimate holding-it-up type player, he likes to run the channels and work hard – and that’s fine. David Goodwillie, who is back on the scene, is very similar to that.

But it seems to be that we always end up with just the one out-and-out striker as we want to play an extra midfieler.

If that’s the case, as we know Jordan is not going to hold it up, then you need a top quality player behind Jordan in the number 10 role.

If you had a 22-year-old David Dunn, that would be ideal. But that’s not the case and now that Ruben Rochina has gone, it’s an area that the system needs.

If you don’t get that player then you need midfielders who have got engines to get beyond Jordan.

And we do have them – it was there for all to see against Manchester City at Ewood Park. Chris Taylor and Jason Lowe, with Lee Williamson behind them, were encouraged to get beyond the forwards and it was amazing just how much it dismantled Manchester City’s defenders.

Gary sometimes hedges his bets not to concede goals, so he doesn’t want them running past the striker and it ends up as straight-line football.

But, if he can get people running off the ball and beyond the centre-forward, inter-changing positions and moving defenders out of the way, it will give us more options.

That’s what Jordan needs, he needs help. He can’t be expected to run channels to try and score goals himself. 

We’ve got creative players but we have to be more advanced with the creativity.

We can’t be creative inside our own half and we can’t rely on Jordan running 30 or 40 yards, beating a couple of players and then scoring a goal as he’s not that type of striker.

Where David Goodwillie fits into this I don’t know.

I saw him play at my old club Dundee United, scoring goals and playing as a second striker – the way he has since he has been brought up.

United sold him to Blackburn and all of a sudden we were asking him to play as a lone striker or as a winger.

He never really got a chance as a centre-forward, with another player, to show what he’s capable of.

The only thing about David, if I’m going to criticise him, is his body language can be misconstrued.

He’s got round shoulders and he can look like he’s given up the ghost but I know he can work hard given the chance.

If he doesn’t get that chance then, as I would say to any young player, you’re best getting out there and getting games and so it could be that another loan move is the right way to go.