JORDAN Rhodes can be Blackburn Rovers’ new Alan Shearer, according to the man who saw his side downed by the striker’s double on Saturday.

The Rovers striker scored in each half to defeat Bristol City 2-0 at Ewood Park, with Robins boss Sean O’Driscoll full of praise for his main tormentor.

He said: “He’s clever, give him a chance inside the six yard box and I know who my money would be on. You’ve got mark him from a corner. He’s not the quickest, he’s just clever.

“I’ve watched him so many times, he almost feeds on scraps and he doesn’t get frustrated, which is his biggest plus for me.

“Sometimes he gets isolated completely but he’ll get a chance sooner or later and he maintains his concentration and level of performance and waits for the defender to drop off and pounces.

“Alan Shearer was the best I’ve ever seen at doing that and Jordan’s right up there with that. Alan just scored so many headed goals. He’s not that big, but he did the same thing, he waited for the defenders to watch the ball.

“Gary Lineker was the same, they know what defenders are going to do and do the opposite. You think: shouldn’t somebody be marking him?”

Blackburn Rovers boss Michael Appleton was also full of praise for his striker, after he took his tally to 19 goals for the season.

Appleton said: “He does it in training every day, in small sided games you tend to forget he is there sometimes and then all of a sudden he will smash one in the back of the net.

“The biggest thing about him is he is a level headed lad, he is wanting to improve, wanting to get better and listening to advice.

“When you speak he never takes his eyes off you which is someone who wants to learn and who wants to get better.

“It is a lot of money to spend but whether it is over the next 17 games or beyond, the ultimate goal is to get back in the Premier League and if his goals can secure that everyone will be delighted.

“When you bring a footballer into the club, there are a lot of things you need to weigh up. His age, experience, what he can give to you, has he got resale value and Jordan ticks all those boxes.

“It looked a good investment for the football club and hopefully over time it will be.

“He is a goal scorer and he will do that at any level. The higher level you go, the better players you will play with. “If you are one of those players who can score one in two chances, or better, you will always score goals no matter what level you are at.”