Young cricketers from Clitheroe Cobras are in the UAE to support England in the one-day series, in Day Six of his blog, coach FAROUK HUSSAIN tells how the youngsters mixed with the stars...

An early start and the boys are feeling the pace. They’re not the only ones mind you.

King Cobra had to revert into school teacher mode for the first time on tour, as Florence turned up late and then wanted to nip for breakfast whilst the rest sat waiting in the minibus.

She got told in no uncertain terms to get her backside on the minibus. They do say ‘common sense is not that common’.

I doubt if it will have any impact on her. It’s like telling Kevin Pietersen not to take on the left arm spinner!

A sandstorm whipped up this morning and made visibility to Abu Dhabi very limited.

All part of the experience mind you. As we got closer to Abu Dhabi the conditions didn’t improve. Could it be that sand could stop play – not in Tarquin’s case as he still loves building sandcastles and burying himself in the stuff or is it making tents that he has a fondness of!

As we arrived through a spectacular archway into the grounds of the Emirates Palace Hotel, we were greeted by a cavalcade of golf buggies which were awaiting the arrival of the Cobras, to transport them to the cricket ground.

It was definitely the dogs you know whats!

We were welcomed by British School Abu Dhabi coach, Colin Wells, the former Sussex player and with no time for a warm up dived straight into our batting innings.

A solid, if not spectacular performance resulted in a total of 102.

Captain Omee top scoring again with 35, with valuable contributions from Tom Stones and Gibbo (minus his Pakistan flag) who was defiant in defence.

Even though he had left a half eaten muffin, borrowed from the hotel’s buffet breakfast, a part finished two litre bottle of Mountain Dew, 14 bags of crisps and two packs of Tic Tacs when he walked out to the crease. Geez that boy can eat!

In reply the home side got off to a player with skipper Tom smashing a brisk 50 and retiring, to come back later to see the British school to victory.

Some school boy bowling and fielding by the Cobras schoolboys fielding put paid to any chance of victory. A quick change of clothing behind the trees and a brief appearance from Nurse Gladys Neilson – who claimed not to be looking at the gentlemen, and the Cobras were on their way again.

Not before a security breach – resulted in all Cobras being asked to search their man bags.

King Cobra had lost his wallet and phone! It was at that moment that Alison Iron Lady Mulligan had a brainwave that was as rare as a sandstorm in Abu Dhabi and asked someone to ring the missing phone.

It turned out that her beloved Samuel had accidentally placed the missing items in his man bag!

The journey to the Dubai Sports City was simply memorable for our Florence enquiring as to how to wash your tackle using the tap like gadget in the toilets, without getting the rest of you wet!

I would have found it easier to answer a question on nuclear physics and make it believeable. Suffice to say – Miss Know-it-all wasn’t prepared to accept my answer.

The icing on the Dubai Tour cake was about to be tasted as the boys were escorted into the stadium via the press room. King Cobra couldn’t resist sitting in Andy Flower’s seat for a quick photo.

Having watched the England players train we were then privileged to meet them and have the autographs signed and countless photos taken with the team.

They really were top blokes! Swanny was the star of the show – yet again.

Allowing Stewy to wear his helmet,Omar to hold his gloves and baby Ben to carry his bet.What an experience.

There was even time to get photos with Dubai’s Chacha cricket – the chap with the big moustache who supports Pakistan.