CRICKET’S World Cup is well underway - and already the gulf between the big boys and the rest is being highlighted.

Kenya could have been excused for feeling confident ahead of their game with Pakistan of thinking they were in with a chance yesterday. After all, Pakistan are unpredictable and were knocked out four years ago by Ireland and are capable of hitting the button marked ‘self-destruct’.

But Kenya threw down a world record 37 wides allowing Pakistan to post a 300-plus score - and then tumbled to 112 all out.

At least that was a better effort than the 69 all out against New Zealand in their first game, a game that lasted less time than the first innings was scheduled for.

Canada were thrashed by Sri Lanka as well and while you want to see the minnows get their chance on the big stage you do wonder if the time is nigh to tighten up.

The World Cup competition is too long and maybe there is no place for teams that cannot prove themselves on the international stage.

Yes, people may retort that Holland almost beat England. But they didn’t. The record books show that England won by five wickets with eight balls to spare.

Forget the embarrassment in the field and shocking bowling, England won - and by the sort of margin that appears routine in the books.

It’s a great competition. It just seems a shame that the World Cup appears - to non cricket fans at least - devalued because of some of the entrants.