THE harbingers of doom say the Lancashire League is on its last legs. They say, almost with a joy in their voices, that the most famous cricket league on the planet is struggling and the days of good professionals are gone.

So I really hope those merchants of misery choked on their popular choice of breakfast cereal yesterday morning when FOUR former Lancashire League professionals were picked in the Aussie squad for the first Test.

It is great news for the league; it puts the league back on the map – and more than anything it proves that going out to sign an overseas pro pays dividends.

Michael Clarke, Marcus North, Nathan Hauritz and Ryan Harris were only household names in their own homes when they plied their trade in the league.

Damn fine players the lot of them, but just making their way in the game.

Fans watched top players cutting their teeth – and if clubs continue to sign young players then more huge names in the future will have been in the league.

I know it is costly – but clubs must bring in the overseas men.

Because if they don’t those harbingers of doom may just get their wish.