GRASSROOTS sports can be the start of a successful career and local sporting heroes are keen to promote the benefits.


Jay Rodriguez, former Burnley star now at Southampton

"I ATTENDED last year’s awards and was overwhelmed by the hard work and dedication put in amateur sport.

"Awards like these are great way to highlight that work."


Sophie Hitchon, Olympic Games hammer thrower

Lancashire Telegraph: Sophie Hitchon says she's learned from the European Championships.

"IT is great to see awards like this, we are able to say thank to everyone that has helped us to get to where we are, not just awarding the athlete for their success."


Holly Lam-Moore, Olympic Games handball star

"WHETHER to go on to perform at the highest level or enjoy sport locally, to have support as a youngster is vital, I’ll always remember those coaches who helped me."


Laura Massaro, world champion squash player

Lancashire Telegraph: Laura Massaro

"THE importance of local coaches can’t be underestimated.

"This is when young players learn the importance of discipline, hard work and dedication."


Kevin Gallacher, former Blackburn Rovers and Scotland star

"YOU don’t realise the talent there is and dedication that goes in to amateur sport until you witness it yourself.

"I was taken aback when I attended last year’s awards."


Gary Bowyer, Blackburn Rovers manager

Lancashire Telegraph: gary bowyer badge 16 9.jpg

"THESE awards are a great way of celebrating the sporting heroes in the community.

"There are a lot of dedicated and hard-working people involved in grassroots sport and what they do deserves to be highlighted."


Gary Keedy, former Lancashire CC cricketer

"I WILL always be grateful to those coaches who helped me reach the top.

"It’s important that today’s children get that support and I welcome awards like these."


Eddie Howe, former Burnley FC manager

Lancashire Telegraph: NEW BOSS: Eddie Howe

"OUR stars of tomorrow all graduate from amateur sport and awards like these are a wonderful way to highlight what is being achieved at grassroots level."


Michael Brown, former Surrrey CC cricketer

"GRASSROOTS sports produces the next generation of world class athletes.

"The work coaches and helpers do at thise level is the most important job in any sport."


Samantha Murray, Olympic Games modern pentathlon silver medal winner

Lancashire Telegraph: Samantha Murray is eight seconds behind going in to the run and shoot

"WE all begin at the bottom and work our way to the top. Grassroots Heroes is a fantastic asset to assit the talented and hard-working young people in our community on their journey to achieving their goals and dreams."


Jon Schofield, Olympic Games 200m sprint canoe bronze medal winner

"I REMEMBER the coaches who got me on my way and I am always grateful for what they did for me.

"Our Olympic champions of today all started out in grassroots sport so awards like these are a great way to highlight local sport."


Carl Fogarty, superbikes champion

Lancashire Telegraph: EUROPEAn TOUR Carl Fogarty is going on the Italian Legendary Tour

"GRASSROOTS sports can be the start of a successful career and it is great that these awards highlight all the hard work done behind the scenes."