WELL Blackburn Rovers’ kit launch has certainly got people talking.

When I watched the video for the first time I took it as being tongue in cheek.

It’s a bit of fun, it’s a bit of banter, and I found it funny.

But on social media it was clear there were fans who took the video the wrong way and said that it is embarrassing.

I don’t think it is.

When you look at adverts on television a lot of them are stupid but they do sell things.

That’s what Blackburn will be hoping the video will help them do with their new shirts.

And as I say, there’s no question it has got people talking about the kit.

Admittedly if you’re trying to sell a Blackburn Rovers shirt then 90 per cent of your target audience are going to be Blackburn Rovers fans.

But there is always that other 10 per cent and there will be Blackburn shirts all over the world.

And, with the video going viral, it might just reach them now as well.

But there’s no doubt the video has divided opinion – much like Ruben Rochina.

I see he scored two goals on Saturday and I would certainly make room for him in the Blackburn squad.

I’m an admirer of his.

But I’m also aware that other people aren’t.

That’s just the way he plays.

Sometimes it’s one ball for him and one ball for everybody else.

Sometimes he can play magnificently well and sometimes he will not turn up.

But I think you do need players who are exciting and Ruben is one of those players.

He’s had another loan spell in Spain, when he seemed to do quite well, and hopefully his time away has matured him a little bit and he has come back with a real freshness.

I’d hold on to him as he adds different dimension to all the forwards we’ve got now.

I think he could do a job out wide as he’s a good footballer who can adapt.

Yes we’ve got players who can play in those positions but I’m sure Ruben could push them.

I certainly wouldn’t be upset if he is still here come the opening game of the season on August 8.

But before then AFC Darwen entertain a Rovers XI on Tuesday (7.45pm).

Everyone at Darwen is really looking forward to the game and, who knows, maybe we’ll even see Ruben line up?

It should be a fantastic night for Darwen and it will be a great test for our lads to play against a big local side.