ENFIELD’S cricketers swapped their bats and whites for their running gear last Saturday and did their bit for the club...and I can’t praise them enough for their efforts.

The lads from Dill Hall Lane took part in an adventurous sponsored relay run around the 14 Lancashire League grounds to boost the coffers and received nothing but support from their peers.

It was a mammoth 72-mile task which they undertook with smiles on their faces and they deserved the plaudits that came their way.

Too often league cricketers stand accused of not doing enough for their club and leaving all the hard work for the volunteers that keep every cricket team up and down the land going.

I recall Church performing a similar run years ago but the Enfield boys bucked the recent trend with their run and I hope other clubs follow suit.

A club isn’t just about success on the field, it’s about the people involved – and Enfield’s efforts were a breath of fresh air in a time when some players will move to a different team for a few quid or the promise of a pair of trainers.

They showed the right spirit, although if I was pro Werner Coetsee I would be wondering what I’d done to upset my ‘mates’.

He was made to run the leg up the hill to Sharneyford en-route to Bacup...that is above and beyond the call of duty.