Burnley’s North West Minor’s champion Joe Crawford was in action once again against fellow North West Schoolboy champion J McGuinnes from Egans ABC.

It was a return contest on the Mancunian’s home show in Wthynenshaw WMC and he was hoping to overturn the results in another cracking contest between the pair.

With McGuinnes having the slight edge in their first tear-up it was sure to be a torrid affair, and both boys eager to impress.

Straight from the opening bell Sandygate’s Crawford charged towards his older foe catching flush with a long looping rear hand to the head forcing the Manchester boxer onto the back foot throughout the one and a half minute round the attack was relentless.

The second saw McGuinnes trying to keep centre but Crawford started to work on the inside throwing some near perfect uppercuts and rolling in and out of range.

The third round once more showed just why the St Christopher’s year 7 pupil is so highly thought off as the Ighten Hill boxer once more controlled the round.

It was to no-one’s surprise when his hand was raised aloft the victor with even the home fans applauding the decision in favour of the Sandygate fighter.

With it now standing at one a piece a third is contest is on the cards with both boys finding it hard to find opponents due to their winning records.

Anyone interested in joining the Hargreaves street club can via www.sandygateabc.com or 07855505719.