THE Rishton Con £500 Doubles is up and running with pairs already battling it out for honours.

Matches were played on Friday and Sunday with the next round of matches taking place this week.

Friday results A Tate and T Chiney 21 L Burton and M Bradley 14, N and J Spencer 21 V O'Donnell and M Coupe 15, C Hope and T Singleton 21 A Whitehead and C Cornall 19, M Lensely and K Kerr 21 M Hodgson and R Carter 14 Tate and Chiney 21 Hope and Singleton 19, Wemsley and Kerr 21 M and J Spencer 16 Sunday results M Burns and G Roberts 21, N Wilson and F Whittaker 4; G Stephenson and S Townley 21, D and M Ryan 11; S Gall and M Beardmore 21, D and P Bonney 19; N Hill and R Westwell 21, E and A Wallace 15. Gall and Beardmore 21, Burns and Roberts 20; Hill and Westwell 21, Stephenson and Townley 18.

This weekend's line-up. Friday, May 23 - J Allen and K Channell; K Allen and J Eborall; M Yerkess and D Hoyle; M Macintosh and M Treeen; L Burns and P Bithell; D Shawforth and A Harris; J Rostron and P Bradley; C Rammell and L Whitehead. Sunday, May 25 - T and S Smith; P Brett and P Sutcliffe; J Slynn and partner; G Wood and partner; B Robinson and S Barnes; J Norris and D Burns; R Duxbury and P Robinson; D Ashworth and F Roberts.

Two pairs to qualify on each night. Draw for each round on the green. Games start at 6.30 (practice from 6.15). Finals Night (last 8 pairs) Saturday, May 31 (5.30 start).