Every day we test your sporting knowledge with our just for fun 10 to tackle. Today it's a Lancashire League special to mark the start of the new campaign...

1 Tomorrow marks the start of the Foster's Lancashire League - but who were the first champions of the competition?

2 That club has gone on to win more titles than any other team but how many times has the championship flag flown over their ground?

3 When the league was formed it contained the current 14 members plus which other club?

4 Which club has won the Worsley Cup more times than any other?

5 Which bowler claimed his 1,500th Lancashire League wicket last season?

6 Of the 14 clubs just one has yet to win 1,000 matches. Which club?

7 Prior to 1930 'sixes' were counted as fours throughout the league. After a vote that winter which three grounds became the first to allow maxiumum hits to all sides?

8 East Lancashire were bowled out for just eight by which team in April 1900?

9 Ces Pepper, Vijay Hazare, Colin Miller and Chris Harris have performed what rare feat in the league?

10 With a total of 17,188 which amateur is the leading run scorer in the history of the Lancashire League?

Answers Monday

Yesterday’s answers: 1 Hunter Mahan; 2 Pat Lam; 3 Eggert Magnusson; 4 Henry Austin; 5 Tynecastle Stadium; 6 Clitheroe; 7 Salesbury; 8 Jordan Clarke; 9 Andy Holdsworth; 10 Leyland