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MATCHDAY LIVE: Sheffield Wednesday v Blackburn Rovers

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    WELCOME to Hillsborough for today's Championship clash between Sheffield Wednesday and Blackburn Rovers. Keep up with the action with our matchday live blog.


A Rover 45 years and over 5:51pm Sat 12 Apr 14
Winning 3-1 and lucky to escape with a draw. the mentality is completely wrong with GB and his players. We will win nothing with a manager who is completely tactically inept. GB has frustrated me all season not sure if I can put up with another one wiith him in charge. he also keeps allowing his players to mouth off before matches only to get egg on there faces afterwards. He should ban them from doing this. Another opportunity blown from this bunch of loosers.
Score: 0
A Darener 5:42pm Sat 12 Apr 14
FCBurnley wrote: Sorry, no bad Burnley injuries to report Darener.
Ps you really are an idiot.
Score: 1
George14brfc 4:14pm Sat 12 Apr 14
Brilliant so far, anyone got a link?
Score: 0
owd nick 4:17pm Sat 12 Apr 14
George14brfc wrote: Brilliant so far, anyone got a link?
I tend to "watch" away games on Twitter @OneRovers - its faster than on here
Score: -1
stick to football 5:04pm Sat 12 Apr 14
Self destruct button pressed again
Score: 0
A Darener 5:05pm Sat 12 Apr 14
Blown it at the last! Can they not hold on to a lead? Just when it was looking good.
Score: -1
baz58 5:06pm Sat 12 Apr 14
Not 3.3 again, not happy.
Score: 0
mark anthony 5:14pm Sat 12 Apr 14
3-3. We could still come second it's no over until the fat ladie sings bring on Yeovil. Easy 3 points
Score: 0
juanbbien 5:14pm Sat 12 Apr 14
What the hell is wrong with them this as now been going on for several years conceding goals in the last few minutes,you just know its going to happen and are waiting for it,totally unprofessional ,anyway that's it now the last chance literally thrown away
Score: 1
johnley 5:16pm Sat 12 Apr 14
you chickens, couldn't hold on to your lead, you let it slip yet again. ho, do you know BURNLEY are going up again, we are leading the way in more ways then one it seems
Score: 0
A Darener 5:18pm Sat 12 Apr 14
Brings back memories of years gone by. How many times were we fighting for promotion, either from the third to the second or second to the first division only to blow it in the end? We used to say we couldn't afford to go up, now we can't afford not to, but they have done their best to make sure they don't go up.
Score: 1
A Darener 5:20pm Sat 12 Apr 14
johnley wrote: you chickens, couldn't hold on to your lead, you let it slip yet again. ho, do you know BURNLEY are going up again, we are leading the way in more ways then one it seems
Bet you are getting a bit twitchy, if not you should. It's not over til the fat lady sings!
Score: 2
FCBurnley 5:36pm Sat 12 Apr 14
Sorry, no bad Burnley injuries to report Darener.
Score: -1
A Darener 5:40pm Sat 12 Apr 14
Good, I am so pleased for you. But if your board had strengthened your squad when they had the choice you might well have been promoted by now and not getting twitchy.
Score: 1
passingfootball 5:40pm Sat 12 Apr 14
spurning golden opportunities time after time points to lack of belief in oneself, show more confidence in your ability, see the game out hold on to the ball, if they want it back force them to make the fouls, throw ins and goal kicks eat up alot of time, scoring early should increase you in confidence, not make you nervy, someone needs to tell them to stop giving away stupid freekicks, they are only inviting more pressure
Score: 0
bluerob 6:08pm Sat 12 Apr 14
How many times have we got ourselves within touching distance of the top 6 and blown it !!!! To me this squad is more than good enough to have been top 6 all season, something is wrong ?
Score: 1
look.up.blackburn. 6:42pm Sat 12 Apr 14
Score: -1

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