BURNLEY Rugby Club staged a special girl power day at Holden Road.

Nearly one hundred girls from Blessed Trinity, Unity College and Sir John Thursby's turned up for the girls Pitch Up and Play event.

Burnley's Community Rugby Coach Simon Finnan said: "It was a fantastic success and congratulations to the girls who gave it a go.

"Many of the girls had never played rugby, but they picked it up really quickly and had a great time.

"We've already had several enquiries from girls wanting to join the club and two even came along to training straight after the event."

All the girls learned how to pass, run, tackle and work as a team, and with rugby union becoming more popular in the town, it is hoped that these schools will go on to represent themselves in this month's emerging schools event, as well as joining their local club.

Burnley are currently developing under-13 and under-15 girl's teams and Mr Finnan added: "Any of the girls who went to Pitch Up and Play would be welcome back at Burnley RUFC on a Sunday morning or on Wednesday evening at Unity College for training sessions.

The club would like to thank volunteers from Burnley RUFC who helped coach and manage the event, with James McDonald, Mick Heys, Wez Hughes, Chris Pickles and James Henderson all giving up their time.

For further info on girls rugby at Burnley Rugby Club, contact 07988 122186.