AT any other football club you would say the latest managerial twist at Ewood Park was unbelievable. At Blackburn Rovers, you almost take Michael Appleton’s sacking as the norm.

Just where does it all stop? You can’t help thinking the continued farce will never come to an end until owners Venky’s are just a horrible memory in the club’s history.

No one can say the owners aren’t throwing money at their ‘toy’ - too much probably - but the lack of any real footballing knowledge means they continue to make massive mistake after massive mistake.

Fair enough, Appleton was certainly pulling up no trees as Rovers boss but a huge injury list surely had some part to play in a recent dismal run of results.

Appleton isn’t the only boss who was struggled to achieve at the club, in fact every single one has failed under these owners. Doesn’t that tell us all that there is far more wrong with the football club than the identity of the manager?

The reason Eric Black was never given an opportunity as full time boss, after stepping in as caretaker from Steve Kean, was he told them the squad simply wasn’t good enough to get then promoted. Thanks but no thanks Eric was the reply.

After the Henning Berg experiment - driven by global advisor Shebby Singh - Appleton was given the nod, mainly due to the recommendations of directors Derek Shaw and Paul Agnew.

With Singh completely out of the loop, Appleton was given the green light to start rebuilding the club from top to bottom - a job he insisted he would need at least a summer to complete.

Now, not even halfway through his rebuild, he has become the latest managerial victim with Shaw and Agnew this time not involved in the decision making process and Singh taking the lead.

Farce, shambles and humiliating spring to mind.

This football club is a ship without a rudder and is sinking without trace the longer the shambles continues.

It was not long ago that Blackburn Rovers were a proud football club with some of the very best administrators in the game. Now, well the last two and half years tells its own story.

You can’t help feeling things are going to get worse before they get better as well, with many not realising the financial implications of the Ewood circus.

With the money already spent on the squad this season, Rovers will be making significant monthly losses and now they have to shell out for another managerial pay-off.

I like, respect and rate Gary Bowyer but what a job he has on his hands to now keep this football club in the Championship.

Rovers have long since needed stability and that is almost an impossible dream under owners Venky’s.

I still have no doubt their hearts are in the right place but, until they sort out the structure of the football club and get ‘football people’ running the football club, things are never going to get better.

When people used to hear the name Blackburn Rovers, it was associated with professionalism, respect and jealousy.

Now the club has become football’s laughing stock but for the people who matter, the fans, there is nothing funny as they watch their club die before their eyes.