BURNLEY Tornados’ newly formed Flag Team played its first ever away game.

And while the trip to Calderdale Knights ultimately ended in a 58-12 defeat against a bigger and older team, it is all part of the learning curve.

The Flag Team is for nine to 13-year-olds and was formed on the back of the Youth team’s success last year after finished third in the national Britbowl finals.

Head coach Cameron Stewart said: “The Tornados showed true fighting spirit throughout the day and each and every player worked hard and did what I asked of them. It is difficult to play against a team that is so much taller than you. We are now looking forward to hosting the Knights in Burnley soon.”

Meanwhile, Burnley Tornados Youth team is hosting a pre-season friendly tournament at the Prairie Playing Fields next month.

The Tornados will play host to Scottish sides East Kilbride and Hamilton and also Bedfordshire on Saturday, March 23.

The club welcomes players to join both its Flag and Youth teams.

Flag football is minimal contact while the Youth team play full contact.

Anyone aged over nine can attend training sessions at the Prairie on Saturday mornings from 10am.