BLACKBURN Rovers should not have to be embroiled in the chaotic last few hours of the January transfer window. The fact they are tells us everything about their recent past.

Manager Michael Appleton is spot on when he says he needs at least three new faces before the window slams shut this evening, as he attempts to bring some balance to Rovers’ large but unequal squad.

But you can imagine the club’s owners and money men banging their heads against their desks in frustration and wondering quite what happened to the significant outlay that was made in August.

The majority of the transfer fees that were spent in the summer have actually proved worthwhile, with Jordan Rhodes looking every inch the £8million striker is.

The £3m spent on Leon Best has yet to prove beneficial through no fault of the clubs but, with him nearing fitness, that could yet be good business.

Transfer fees aren’t the be-all-and-end-all though.

A closer look at the summer business and the amount of money currently being wasted in wages is actually frightening.

Venky’s funded the arrival of 12 new players in the summer, some on considerable wages, and you could count on one hand with fingers to spare the amount of successes.

We shouldn’t be surprised either.

Ever since Venky’s took charge they have been let down on the club’s transfer business, partly through their own fault in listening to the wrong people but also because of managers’ bad judgement and the influence of agents.

With the exception of Yakubu – and possibly Rhodes – it is difficult to see many other cases of astute transfer business.

Just a look at the squad list shows a list of names who have made no impact at the club.

Others, like Radosav Petrovic and Mauro Formica, have already been moved on with the club looking to shed many more, although high wages make this difficult.

You wouldn’t blame Venky’s if they simply said there is no more money, after two and a bit years of throwing it down the drain, but if the resources are available, Appleton has to stop the recent trend.

He needs to make sure the club finally starts getting value for money in the transfer market and he clearly knows that with the appointment of Luke Dowling as head of recruitment.

The club can’t afford many more rebuilds after this one, so fingers crossed Appleton gets it right.

He has already shown signs of knowing what is needed, we can only hope he delivers.