YOU couldn’t blame Henning Berg for wondering what he has got himself into.

Just a few months ago he was enjoying earning a living as a pundit for Norwegian TV, now he is attempting to succeed in what, at times, looks like the impossible job.

Henning obviously thought life at Ewood Park would be smoother than it has turned out. He thought the squad was better than it is and believed the owners had learned from their mistakes.

Nine games in and he is already a man under pressure. Some supporters are questioning whether he is the man for the job and speculation is growing about his own mounting frustration.

Rumours about Berg’s future are inevitable after the run Rovers are on at the moment. One win in nine games would put any manager under pressure.

Certain people in India are known to be growing increasingly twitchy about the situation as they start to fear an instant Premier League return is now not on the cards.

Failure to turn around Rovers fortunes before the New Year will almost certainly mean Rovers have to accept promotion is a no-go.

Some will say this means Berg has failed and needs to go and you can’t help but feel Venky’s might agree.

In a way they are right. He would have failed and not getting promoted will mean Venky’s have to dig deep in their pockets to cover what will be massive financial losses.

Would any manager succeed in the current circumstances? You look at a number of factors and it is difficult to see how they would.

Firstly the squad has proved itself to simply be not good enough. I was among those who thought some of the summer signings would do well in the Championship but am the first to admit I was wrong.

The transfer window was a disaster in epic proportions. Out of the 12 players brought in, only striker Jordan Rhodes has proved a success.

Berg can’t be blamed for that. That has to be down to Steve Kean and global advisor Shebby Singh.

The internal problems at Ewood Park have still not disappeared. There is conflict in the corridors of power and no one still has any real idea about who is running the club.

Was Berg the right appointment? At the time, it always looked a gamble with far more experienced candidates out there. But can you imagine Ian Holloway or Mick McCarthy working under Venky’s? They wouldn’t have lasted very long under the current regime.

Berg was the man given the responsibility to turn things around but he needs to be given the environment to stand a chance.

If he is going to fail, let him fail because of his own decisions and mistakes. Not other peoples.

It is very difficult to judge Henning at the moment as this isn’t his squad and I think we all know the club is still a mess from top to bottom.

As for the Christmas party farce. Henning was spot on in refusing to dance on stage with a wig on his head. The person who asked him to should be looking at his own judgement.