BURNLEY Olympian Holly Lam-Moores returned to her old school yesterday morning as she continues her efforts to ‘spread the word’ of handball.

The 22-year-old made a visit to Alder Grange Community and Technology School and Sixth Form, in Rawtenstall, where she gave handball lessons to the pupils.

Lam-Moores represented the first ever Great Britain’s women’s handball team in London 2012 and is currently playing professionally at Denmark’s Viborg HK.

Lam-Moores first started playing the sport at Haslingden Handball Club and is now doing her bit to increase the popularity of handball.

Lam-Moores said: “I would love to see more youngsters playing it in schools and in handball clubs.

“That is what the legacy is all about. It is a cheap game to play and an easy game to learn. I just hope all those who showed an interest during the Olympics get the opportunity to play.”