We’re very lucky here in the UK to have rubbish and recycling taken away from our door steps regularly.

In Spain, like many other countries, residents take their stuff to central bins/containers.

I was sat on a balcony overlooking the rubbish bin, pretty big, serving around 50 properties and emptied every night, for quite a while.

It was only for rubbish, the recycling area with separate containers for paper/card, glass, tin, plastic etc was about ½ a mile away.

Though most villages etc have many, you must pass several every day.

I had dutifully, under tight supervision and close inspection, washed out milk bottles, marg tubs, sauce bottles etc pre-recycling.

So it galled me when the same guy every day, wandered up to the communal rubbish bin and jettisoned into it, with the clank of cans and the tinkling of glass, all of his “rubbish”.

After a few of these excursions I asked him politely, “Excuse me, I don’t know if you know but that bin’s only for rubbish, the recycling bins are just up the road”.

“Aha” said he, “we’re only here for 10 days!”

This rendered me speechless and I didn’t challenge him again!

No en mi patio trasero?

So much for global waming eh?

You ever challenged anyone…are you a NIMBY?