LOOKING back our holiday video from last year - watching the children play happily outside the beach bar at 9.20pm made me think of the Madeleine McCann case that has recently been re-opened.

Five years ago today the four-year-old was taken from her hotel room in Praia da Luz, Portugal, whilst her parents Kate and Gerry enjoyed their evening meal.

But the question that still crosses my mind every time I see the computer-generated image of nine-year-old Maddi, is: why would you leave your children alone for the sake of having a quiet meal?

Most parents certainly know what indigestion is and that you can hardly relax at meal times – but that’s what you sign up for.

When we go on holiday there’s nothing better than sitting with friends and family and listening to the giggles (and whinges) of the children.

I would rather be frowned upon and let them stay up late – after all it is a family holiday.

The fact that Madeleine was left alone when she should have been with her family can’t be changed.

And although I don’t agree with what the McCanns did I also don’t mind that us, the taxpayers, are paying towards finding one innocent little girl.

Spending £2million with an extra 195 ‘investigative opportunities’ for British police to follow up, along with millions of other parents, whether the outcome is good news or bad news, I only hope that there will be some closure to the case.

Because now, for the well-educated parents, living with the guilt of the mistake that they made that night is torture in itself.

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