Christians are no longer suitable to foster or adopt children, the law decided this week despite huge carer shortages.

A court shared fears that children might be ‘infected’ by values, not only dear to Christians, but which have also been bedrock heritage standards for generations.

As of this week’s ruling, Eunice and Owen Johns, who’ve successfully fostered dozens of children, can now no longer do so because their beliefs prevent then from promoting homosexuality in their own home.

This follows our column’s recent warning that Christians are being forced out of public life, job by job, for failing to promote homosexuality, following the penalising of many Christian workers.

Today, I’m logging on to to back the legal team appealing the Johns ruling, which effectively outlaws some traditional views of Christians and many others in our land.

This issue threatens freedoms we have long treasured – freedom of belief, of religion and of ideas.

It is the Equality and Human Rights Commission, backed by gay lobbyists, which has launched these legal attacks on Christians, driving them out of public life, and it is only right for an appeal to go before our highest court for final judgment.

At heart is a vital issue: can children now only be cared for by liberal, secular humanists and those who agree with the Big Brother Commission while caring Christian foster parents are banned?

This could even prevent Christians becoming priests in future.

Follow the logic: Gay lobbyists and government want civil partnerships to include religion.

Christians are holding out against such ceremonies in their churches, but how long will they last if the commission or gays take them to court?