Re the story (LT, April 11) about people supporting a petition by the Rev Kevin Logan to prevent a lap- dancing club from opening in Accrington, 1,500 people represent 4.2 per cent of the population of Accrington.

Therefore, 96.8 per cent did not subscribe to this petition.

In proportion, it is so miniscule compared to the footfall, increased economy and much-needed employment.

Live and let live, let the multitudes enjoy their pleasures.

As for affecting businesses, the club proposes to open 7pm-1am on weekdays and 7-3am at weekends and will be run in a very professional manner.

It’s time to put up and shut up. It appears the majority of people don’t give a damn about the club opening anyway.

It’s a new venture and a brave one – give it a chance and allow the majority the opportunity to pursue whatever their plesasures and entertainment may be, without any stigma.

G R Davies Knuzden.