I TRUST that readers will recall my column some months ago when I questioned the wisdom of our compliance with UN resolution 1973.

Paraphrasing, this was to allow us to send a few squadrons of fighters to enforce a no-fly zone in Libya to protect its oppressed citizens.

£250 million later and we are involved in a full-blown regime change and what have we achieved? Not a lot at all.

This is £250 million that will never benefit a soul in this country.

To put it another way, David Cameron could have said: “I say chaps, I’ve found a squiffing £250 million in a cupboard, I’m going to share it out amongst the 433 local authorities in the UK.”

Had this been the case, Rossendale’s share would have been around £600,000 and you can do a lot with that sort of money.

Do you recall the Former Defence Secretary John Reid saying that he "would be perfectly happy, to leave Afghanistan without our troops having fired a shot.”

Our purpose was the re-construction of Afghanistan. Well 375 dead servicemen later, exactly what have we achieved, the same as Libya – absolutely nothing.

How many members of the public are really revved up about the phone hacking saga?

I suspect not so many. Have we had people marching in the streets or chaining themselves to railings? No!

This whole saga is just the ruling political and media elite in London having their own internal war, a cultural genocide that is beginning to burn many of them.

It is not a pleasant affair, even if you enjoy laughing at other people's politicial misfortunes, like me.

Will this make any difference to us the 'Proletariat'.

Probably not, but the danger is that politicians and the establishment legislating to mute the free press and destroy investigative journalism, and that would be dangerous.

We need robust journalism. The police resource that is now going into this saga is mind-blowing.

Will you get the same energy from them if you are unlucky enough to have to report something to them?

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