WHEN Parliament is faced with urgent issues including protection and precaution against severe weather, sexual abuse of children, human trafficking, the NHS and under-performing schools and colleagues, it seems preposterous to say the least for the Country side Alliance to demand time for a bid to repeal the Hunting Act.

The master of the Holcombe Hunt claims that fox-hunting is a legitimate form of pest control, but independent research and studies show that fox attack makes a minimal contribution to livestock losses. It is a measured, objective fact that the fox population stayed at the same level after the fox-hunting ban came into force.

As for the claim that “you can only judge whether hunting is humane or not if you have experienced it”, we have the word of the late Captain R Churchward, an ex-hunt master, that in practice the fox suffers a “tearing... biting and ripping” death, attacked by up to 50 hounds. This is borne out by post-mortem examination of foxes killed by hounds.

The majority of MPs, want the Act to remain in force, as do 80 per cent of the population.

Katherine Watson, Bramhall, Stockport.