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Strictly Come Dancing Blog 2014: Week One

Lancashire Telegraph:

4:13pm Monday 29th September 2014

SERIES eleven and with fifteen new celebrities, however I do feel that maybe we are stretching that term slightly but how excited should we be as this is now the number one weekend entertainment show with the highest ratings.

Helen Mead: What has the world come to?

Lancashire Telegraph: Helen Mead

2:20pm Monday 29th September 2014

WHEN I was young, subjects picked apart and discussed at length on television tended to be hard-hitting.

Nick Nunn wine column: September 29

Lancashire Telegraph:

11:46am Monday 29th September 2014

Indomita Gran Reserva 2013, £5.49, Co-Op

Shuiab Khan: You have to differentiate between stingy and greedy

Lancashire Telegraph: GUILTY: A Llandeilo man has admitted falsely claiming £4,861 in Housing and Council Tax benefits.

2:32pm Friday 26th September 2014

There are those who say Northern folk are stingy. I disagree with that notion.

Sir Bill Taylor: Your sporting hero?

Lancashire Telegraph: An abseiler works on hanging a drape with a Ryder Cup logo on the side of a spectator grandstand in preparation for the start of the Ryder Cup golf tournament in Gleneagles, Scotland, Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014.  The U.S. team arrives for the Ryder Cup Monday

10:10am Friday 26th September 2014

SO, the Ryder Cup's here again already!

PUB OF THE WEEK: Victoria Hotel, Great Harwood

Lancashire Telegraph:

2:30pm Thursday 25th September 2014

THIS week I call in at one of the finest examples of an early 20th-century pub, a Grade Two-listed hostelry, with an interior that has remained virtually unchanged since its construction in 1905.

Jack Straw: Whirlwind of change since first conference

Lancashire Telegraph: MP Jack Straw

1:57pm Thursday 25th September 2014

THIS week’s Labour Party Conference in Manchester was the fortieth I’ve attended. It will be my last as an elected MP.

Margo Grimshaw: Out would come the best china and cloth

Lancashire Telegraph: Margo Grimshaw: It's true - I'm just a big liar

1:50pm Tuesday 23rd September 2014

WELL, here we are, well into September and the field behind our house is still bathed in sunshine.

Helen Mead: Learning to drive’s an ‘L’ of an ordeal

Lancashire Telegraph: Photograph of the Author

2:59pm Monday 22nd September 2014

THERE was relief all round when my daughter passed her driving test.

Nick Nunn wine column - September 22

Lancashire Telegraph:

1:10pm Monday 22nd September 2014

Merlot Brazil 2013, £6.74, Waitrose

Saturday sermon: Rt Rev. Julian Henderson

Lancashire Telegraph: Bishop of Blackburn Julian Henderson

10:40am Saturday 20th September 2014

In October, which is just around the corner, we hold Harvest Thanksgiving Services to remember and give thanks for the very extraordinary order, pattern, and variety of God’s created world which provides us with our daily sustenance of food and drink.

Shuiab Khan: The union was being compared to a marriage

Lancashire Telegraph:

11:40am Friday 19th September 2014

NOW, as I write Scotland is going to the polls and today as you read this we will either be celebrating independence or the union.

Sir Bill Taylor: The Scottish Question!

Lancashire Telegraph: Sir Bill Taylor

10:50am Friday 19th September 2014

I didn't expect I would but I did!

PUB OF THE WEEK: The Talbot Hotel, Burnley

Lancashire Telegraph:

1:54pm Thursday 18th September 2014

THIS week I call in at one of the area’s premier drinking dens.

Jack Straw: Unique way to tackle crime is paying off

Lancashire Telegraph: MP Jack Straw

1:30pm Thursday 18th September 2014

Hello, Mr Straw, I’ve met you before,” said a prisoner in Garth Prison, in 2008. “In Brixton Prison, in 1998”.

Diane Cooke: Lessons to learn over sharing of explicit pictures

Lancashire Telegraph: D Cooke

2:01pm Wednesday 17th September 2014

ANYONE who has ever done any internet dating knows there comes a time during an online conversation when it can all go wrong. By that, I mean, take a turn for the overtly sexual.

Margo Grimshaw: The solution isn’t war war but jaw jaw

Lancashire Telegraph: Margo Grimshaw: It's true - I'm just a big liar

2:53pm Tuesday 16th September 2014

MY mother was born in Scotland and so I have always felt a somewhat tenuous affinity — and not always a fond one.

Helen Mead: I would so love to be able to sew

Lancashire Telegraph: Helen Mead

2:04pm Monday 15th September 2014

If I ever get the chance to learn something new I’ll choose dressmaking.

Nick Nunn wine column - September 15

Lancashire Telegraph:

10:58am Monday 15th September 2014

Stonehaven Sauvignon Blanc 2014, £7.99, Co-op

Saturday sermon: Canon Sue Penfold

Lancashire Telegraph: Blackburn Cathedral

8:00am Saturday 13th September 2014

This weekend is Blackburn Heritage Festival, part of the national scheme of Heritage Open Days – but Blackburn aims to be the biggest.

Shuiab Khan: Word play is fun – know what I mean?

Lancashire Telegraph: Picture from stock

2:57pm Friday 12th September 2014

THIS week I was ridiculed for making up a new phrase. Now, it’s not the first time this has happened – over the years I have made up several words and phrases that I commonly used when I was a kid.

PUB OF THE WEEK: Railway Inn, Pleasington

Lancashire Telegraph:

2:50pm Thursday 11th September 2014

This week’s pub review gives me extra satisfaction to highlight a pub, that was, until recently, looking tired, run down and in need of some tender loving care.

JACK STRAW: Scots could end up with less control

Lancashire Telegraph: MP Jack Straw

1:21pm Thursday 11th September 2014

MY close friend, Alistair Darling, leader of the “Better Together” campaign, has been telling anyone who would listen for the past three years that opinion polls on Scottish separation from the UK would always tighten as polling day approached, just as they did when Quebec had a separation referendum in 1995.

DIANE COOKE: I have realised there are many types of slimmer

Lancashire Telegraph: Diane  Cooke

2:01pm Wednesday 10th September 2014

NOW I’m not one to give rent-a-gob Katie Hopkins more publicity for saying vile and crass things, but I’m finding it very hard to keep quiet about her latest project.

Margo Grimshaw: The stuff, or junk, has got to go

Lancashire Telegraph: Margo Grimshaw: It's true - I'm just a big liar

2:21pm Tuesday 9th September 2014

SOMEONE said to me the other day 'what do you reckon were the best times of your life?’ Needless to say I answered frivolously 'all days are good days if you are alive and well'.

Sir Bill Taylor: "Petty" Crime

Lancashire Telegraph: Sir Bill Taylor

4:40pm Monday 8th September 2014

I'm "noseying" what's on the telly next week. Hooray! North West based crime drama Scott & Bailey returns for Series 4.

Helen Mead: Summer hols? Give me a break

Lancashire Telegraph: Photograph of the Author

1:45pm Monday 8th September 2014

WHAT a relief, I hear people say, celebrating the start of the autumn term. Everyone, bar teachers, is letting out sighs as their offspring head to the bus stop, backpack on shoulder.

‘So what’s in the news?’

Lancashire Telegraph: Which way will Scotland vote?

7:00am Saturday 6th September 2014

Well we all know that don’t we, it’s the Middle East, Ukraine.

Shuiab Khan: Pitches are a far cry from Wembley

Lancashire Telegraph: Wembley stadium which will host the FA Vase final between West Auckland and Sholing

3:32pm Friday 5th September 2014

While I would like to have a football pitch like a cricket lawn I know I will not get it.

Jack Straw: They have lost the argument

Lancashire Telegraph: Jack Straw

1:45pm Thursday 4th September 2014

THE parents of an eight-year-old girl who travelled to America to undergo life-saving treatment for a rare form of cancer say it should be available in the UK.

Diane Cooke: After my efforts, this new X Factor is leaving me cold

Lancashire Telegraph: Simon Cowell in Trafford for X Factor auditions

1:30pm Wednesday 3rd September 2014

I’VE always enjoyed X Factor because I love talent competitions. As a child my gran used to put my sister and I on the stage in matching crocheted dresses.

Margo Grimshaw: We’ve lost the ability to wait

Lancashire Telegraph: Margo Grimshaw: It's true - I'm just a big liar

4:56pm Tuesday 2nd September 2014

ISN'T modern technology a marvellous thing?

Nick Nunn wine column - September 2

Lancashire Telegraph:

12:40pm Tuesday 2nd September 2014

Featherstone Colombard Viognier, £7.49, Morrisons

Saturday sermon: Toby Webber

Lancashire Telegraph: Blackburn Cathedral

12:44pm Tuesday 2nd September 2014

Children are the most precious gift we are given.

Shuiab Khan: Boycotters seemingly have limits

Lancashire Telegraph:

1:50pm Friday 29th August 2014

I HAVE no problem with people wanting to boycott things if they actually stick with the boycott.

PUB OF THE WEEK: Craven Heifer, Rawtenstall

Lancashire Telegraph:

5:56pm Thursday 28th August 2014

IT'S been a while since I made a beery trek to the Rossendale Valley for the pub review — and a few of the natives I had spoken to had been a tad vociferous of late, reminding me of that fact.

JACK STRAW: Why try to shrink your country, Mr Salmond?

Lancashire Telegraph: Business leaders do not think Alex Salmond has made a strong business case for Scottish independence.

5:20pm Thursday 28th August 2014

Shouting at the telly. I know it’s the third sign of madness, but I still do it.

Diane Cooke: Let’s just trust that today’s energy researchers know what they’re doing

Lancashire Telegraph: Sir James Dyson. Photo: Eva Rinaldi.

3:00pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

POWERFUL vacuum cleaners are being banned by the EU from September 1 which means no more models with motors over 1600 watts (most top makes are 2,000) will be built. Adviser group Which? is advising those who want a turbo dust buster, to grab one before they become obsolete.

Sir Bill Taylor: Just bin it! Nostalgia isn't what it used to be!

Lancashire Telegraph: Sir Bill Taylor

2:57pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

We're pre "downsizing" "de-cluttering".

Nick Nunn wine column - August 25

Lancashire Telegraph:

12:10pm Tuesday 26th August 2014

Etoile de Mer Rose 2013, £11.99, Majestic

All the ale and food boxes left ticked

Lancashire Telegraph:

4:50pm Friday 22nd August 2014

Well, it's good to be back in "Old Blighty", after a two-week jolly, beery jaunt in Brittany.

Shuiab Khan: We all find this atrocity shocking

Lancashire Telegraph:

3:30pm Friday 22nd August 2014

Condemn or don’t condemn, either way you will be condemned.

DIANE COOKE: People simply can’t afford to feed themselves let alone animals

Lancashire Telegraph: D Cooke

2:55pm Wednesday 20th August 2014

A middle class town near where I live has been donating food from its foodbanks to a more impoverished area nearby.

MARGO: At least half of my clothes are unsuitable

Lancashire Telegraph: Ledbury Big Breakfast 2014

3:41pm Tuesday 19th August 2014

I HAVE just eaten a beautiful bacon butty. Is beautiful the right descriptive word, or should it be tasty, or succulent?

Nick Nunn wine column - August 18

Lancashire Telegraph:

3:51pm Wednesday 20th August 2014

Fontenoi Fitou 2012, £7.99, Tesco

Sir Bill Taylor: Our young people

Lancashire Telegraph: Sir Bill Taylor

5:10pm Thursday 14th August 2014

Hundreds of thousands of mainly 18 year olds got their A level outcomes this week.

JACK STRAW: We must help defeat the ‘Islamic state’ barbarians

Lancashire Telegraph: MP Jack Straw

2:58pm Thursday 14th August 2014

IT’S the strange thing about August. It’s supposed to be a quiet month, when folk take a holiday and get a rest.

From one generation to another

Lancashire Telegraph:

4:30pm Wednesday 13th August 2014

During the first World War Charles Richardson started as a despatch rider and then as an Infantryman narrowly missed going over the top with the Second Lancashire Fusiliers.

DIANE COOKE: Gratitude helps us to handle adverse life situations

Lancashire Telegraph: Diane  Cooke

1:40pm Wednesday 13th August 2014

THERE’S a trend on Facebook which involves declaring three positive things for five days and then passing the nomination to three friends.

Margo Grimshaw: Looking back with straight eyes

Lancashire Telegraph: Margo Grimshaw: It's true - I'm just a big liar

3:10pm Tuesday 12th August 2014

IDon't know about you, but as I get older I find that the little things that years ago I thought were not of any great importance have now become quite important. Like the ability to do quite simple things being able to thread a needle, or read the Telegraph without first having to find my specs. I really don’t know why I am so bothered, as I have worn glasses since I was three.


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