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Nick Nunn wine column - July 28

Lancashire Telegraph:

12:32pm Monday 28th July 2014

Tinpot Hut Pinot Noir 2011, £14.99,,,

Saturday sermon: Gillian Beeley

Lancashire Telegraph: Blackburn Cathedral set for rush as Christmas carol season looms

9:00am Saturday 26th July 2014

So many good people, doing so many good things – quietly getting on with living their values and faith.

Shuiab Khan: These honking young drivers are a pain during Eid

Lancashire Telegraph: Shuiab Khan: Male-friendly zone would possibly tempt me to shops

3:33pm Friday 25th July 2014

THE Eid festival is to be held early next week and already we have the chorus of voices wary about the number of young people driving their cars at speed.

Sir Bill Taylor: Get organised?

Lancashire Telegraph: Sir Bill Taylor

11:12am Friday 25th July 2014

I love "organisations". Sometimes a misnomer! I've been a member of many going back 40-50 years, led a few.

Diane Cooke: This man turned dog poo vigilante

Lancashire Telegraph: WGC Dog Poo Bins Raided: Who Flung Dung?

2:21pm Wednesday 23rd July 2014

I GOT talking to an irate dog walker in the park last week. He was ranting about a woman who allows her dog to poo outside his front gate without ever picking it up.

Margo: Did I imagine those long hot summers?

Lancashire Telegraph: Margo Grimshaw: It's true - I'm just a big liar

4:20pm Tuesday 22nd July 2014

I AM beginning to wonder if those long hot days of summer that I so vividly recall from my childhood are just figments of my imagination.

HELEN MEAD: Adults need lessons in manners

Lancashire Telegraph: Evening Press columnist Helen Mead. (5189310)

5:13pm Monday 21st July 2014

I’ve just read a teens’ guide to good manners.

Faith Education

Lancashire Telegraph: The Dean of Blackburn, the Very Rev Christopher Armstrong

11:50am Monday 21st July 2014

For some of us this headline is a red rag to a bull but the Channel 4 ‘Despatches’ documentary screened on Monday night was certainly not.

Nick Nunn wine column: July 21

Lancashire Telegraph:

11:40am Monday 21st July 2014

McGuigan The Semillon Blanc 2012, £8.99, Morrisons

Shuiab Khan: Leave us alone and let us enjoy the good weather

Lancashire Telegraph: Weekend weather: cloudy tomorrow but glorious sunshine on Sunday

1:54pm Friday 18th July 2014

WE must be the only country in the world which, after getting one day of great weather, tells people to stay indoors.

PUB OF THE WEEK: The Rifle Volunteer, Burnley

Lancashire Telegraph:

5:20pm Thursday 17th July 2014

THIS week's pub review calls in at a friendly, community hostelry that has been transformed in recent years. “The Vols”, as it's known locally, was a tired-looking and relatively run-down establishment up to a few years ago.

Jack Straw: Don’t believe the jibes about lazy MPs: we’re workaholics

Lancashire Telegraph: Jack Straw

2:45pm Thursday 17th July 2014

With Parliament stopping for its six-week summer break next week, I guarantee the usual rash of headlines about “Britain’s lazy MPs”.

Sir Bill Taylor: What's in a Name?

Lancashire Telegraph: Sir Bill Taylor

10:13am Thursday 17th July 2014

SOME years ago, sat in a grand old town hall, Sheffield, I think, I noticed the list of former Lord Mayors:- Herberts, Percivals, Henrys even Williams.

Diane Cooke: At what age can parents stop worrying about their kids?

Lancashire Telegraph: D Cooke

2:30pm Wednesday 16th July 2014

Question: At what age can parents stop worrying about their kids? Is it when they finish school, leave home or become parents themselves?

MARGO: I’m a radio fan – I watch it all the time

Lancashire Telegraph: Margo Grimshaw: It's true - I'm just a big liar

3:31pm Tuesday 15th July 2014

I WONDER why it is that people have dogs? All my life I have always lived in a house where we have had a dog.

A wage to live on

Lancashire Telegraph:

10:20am Monday 14th July 2014

THIS week’s strikes by public sector workers, angry at a 1% pay offer after years of pay freezes, has reminded me of the scandal of low pay and the call for all workers to be paid a living wage.

Nick Nunn wine column: July 14

Lancashire Telegraph:

10:15am Monday 14th July 2014

Piccini Chianti Classico Riserva 2009, £11.49, Morrisons

Shuiab Khan: A drubbing - but Brazil have won the cup five times

Lancashire Telegraph:

2:30pm Friday 11th July 2014

SOME people find it so fulfilling to gloat at someone’s misfortune.

PUB OF THE WEEK: The Crown, Colne

Lancashire Telegraph:

3:33pm Thursday 10th July 2014

THE ecstasy and the agony of top-end sport was there for all to see at the climax of Wednesday night's big-match encounter in Colne.

Jack Straw: Gandhi’s statue deserves place next to Mandela and Churchill

Lancashire Telegraph: Jack Straw

2:12pm Thursday 10th July 2014

How the world changes. Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress was, said Margaret Thatcher, a “typical terrorist organisation”.

Diane Cooke: Unequal pay scandal has to stop now

Lancashire Telegraph: Toni Smith and Andrew Verlander plundered nearly £40,000 in benefits they were not entitled to

2:54pm Wednesday 9th July 2014

I have often been asked if I am a feminist and it’s a question I hesitate to answer.

Margo: Life is good, the sun shines and it’s tennis

Lancashire Telegraph:

2:32pm Tuesday 8th July 2014

I'M sitting here, cup of tea to hand, and I’m thinking just how lucky we of this generation are.

Helen Mead: Where’s the sand, where is the sea?

Lancashire Telegraph: Image for French Matters

1:20pm Monday 7th July 2014

I DON’T want to give people the wrong idea when I say I’m about to go on holiday to Paris but I’m not looking forward to it.

Nick Nunn wine column: July 7

Lancashire Telegraph:

11:40am Monday 7th July 2014

Dead Letter Office Shiraz 2012, £10.99, Co-op

Shuiab Khan: Midnight shopping is becoming the new pastime

Lancashire Telegraph: Families break the Ramadan fast at Medina Mosque in 2012

2:04pm Friday 4th July 2014

AMONG the great things about Ramadan is the atmosphere in the evenings on the streets.

Survivor of the great pub exodus

Lancashire Telegraph:

4:04pm Thursday 3rd July 2014

THE Adelphi is an historic Blackburn town centre pub in a prominent position with a very loyal customer base.

Jack Straw: Keep it local in full veil dispute, don’t look to EU judgement

Lancashire Telegraph: Jack Straw

3:01pm Thursday 3rd July 2014

The full veil is a barrier to communication. It is a visible statement of separation and difference. It makes better, more positive relations between individuals and communities more difficult.

Diane Cooke: Every child deserves a decent life

Lancashire Telegraph: Photograph of the Author

12:58pm Wednesday 2nd July 2014

I witnessed something last week which made a colleague and I cry. It happened in a busy Blackburn cafe. I heard a noise behind me and when I turned around a red-faced woman was slamming a little boy, no older than 18-months-old, into his trolley and shouting, “I hate him, I hate him.”

Sir Bill Taylor: Too many farewells?

Lancashire Telegraph: Sir Bill Taylor

11:45am Wednesday 2nd July 2014

Been to a few funerals, memorials recently. Some may say a few too many.

What are you called?

Lancashire Telegraph:

5:20pm Tuesday 1st July 2014

Last Saturday and Sunday many men and women were ordained both as priests and deacons in Blackburn Cathedral.

Margo: Perhaps I am one of life’s hoarders

Lancashire Telegraph: Margo Grimshaw: It's true - I'm just a big liar

1:57pm Tuesday 1st July 2014

MANY years ago — and when I say many, I really mean it — I think it was in my early teens, I used to bite my nails.

Gordon Birtwistle: Burnley has outperformed expectations again in new jobless figures

Lancashire Telegraph: Gordon Birtwistle who clashed with council bosses after it was revealed the £900,000, from the 2012-13 budget, would be placed in a contingency reserve, which currently stands at £6million.

3:30pm Monday 30th June 2014

This month has been one of success and growth in Burnley and I am, as ever, so proud to be the MP to such a wonderful town.

Helen Mead: Pet fashions getting well out of hand

Lancashire Telegraph: Helen Mead: The 'one foot in the grave' list

2:30pm Monday 30th June 2014

ARE they baby clothes? I asked my husband while out shopping.

Nick Nunn wine column: June 30

Lancashire Telegraph:

1:50pm Monday 30th June 2014

Extra Special Douro 2010, £6, Asda

Jack Straw: Map of North West has Burnley there – but not Blackburn...

Lancashire Telegraph: MP Jack Straw

2:30pm Thursday 26th June 2014

‘Pardon. The BBC has removed Blackburn from the weather map, and put Burnley on the map instead?

Diane Cooke: Raw truth of nature can be brutal

Lancashire Telegraph: Diane  Cooke

1:15pm Wednesday 25th June 2014

I have a great deal of respect for Jeanette Winterson. Not only is the author of Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit a wonderful writer, but her undulating thought pattern (check out her quotes at can keep me pondering life’s profundities for hours.

Sir Bill Taylor: High Hopes!

Lancashire Telegraph: Sir Bill Taylor

10:41am Wednesday 25th June 2014

I WAS invited last week to Blackburn College's annual Art & Design exhibition. I Chair the College Board.

Margo: Family life is so very important

Lancashire Telegraph: SCAM VICTIM Margo Grimshaw

1:30pm Tuesday 24th June 2014

I HAVE just really enjoyed a cup of coffee, made with milk and sweetened with not one, but two, teaspoonfuls of sugar.

Helen Mead: Hooray for wonderful Wimbledon

Lancashire Telegraph: Andy Murray will defend his Wimbledon title this summer.

5:20pm Monday 23rd June 2014

Three cheers for Wimbledon fortnight — two weeks of top-flight tennis to entertain us. It’s day one and I’m loving it already. Well, most of it. There are a few down sides.

Nick Nunn wine column: June 23

Lancashire Telegraph: Hungerford Hill Semillon 2009, £9.69,

1:58pm Monday 23rd June 2014

Hungerford Hill Semillon 2009, £9.69,

Shuiab Khan: My problem is I don’t want to watch games with anyone else

Lancashire Telegraph: England players are left dejected by the defeat

3:50pm Friday 20th June 2014

IS it wrong to watch a World Cup game on your phone in the bathroom?

Jack Straw: My nerves are in shreds over advice on chicken wash

Lancashire Telegraph: Jack Straw

3:12pm Thursday 19th June 2014

DO you wash your chicken? I’ve never washed a chicken in my life. Nor did my Mum.

Shout! The Mod Musical - Accrington Theatre Group

Lancashire Telegraph: Shout! The Mod Musical - Accrington Theatre Group

4:26pm Wednesday 18th June 2014

DUSTY, Petula and Lulu were the faces – and more importantly – the voices of the 60s.

PUB OF THE WEEK: Coach and Horses, Burnley

Lancashire Telegraph: Coach and Horses, Burnley

2:40pm Wednesday 18th June 2014

THE Coach and Horses is a traditional pub I thought had been lost forever when previous owners Robinson’s pulled down the shutters and put this historic boozer up for sale nine months ago.

Letter: Not everyone vaccinated

Lancashire Telegraph: Letter: They’ll always find a way

1:22pm Wednesday 18th June 2014

RE: Whooping cough fears for East Lancashire babies, not everyone can be vaccinated for whooping cough... Myself being one of the few who can't... Are we bad mothers?

Letter: Protect mums avoid epidemic

Lancashire Telegraph: Letter: They’ll always find a way

1:22pm Wednesday 18th June 2014

RE: Whooping cough fears for East Lancashire babies, I've never understood this parental resistance, to having the proper protection in place for their offspring.

Letter: Why was child taken so far?

Lancashire Telegraph: Letter: They’ll always find a way

1:21pm Wednesday 18th June 2014

RE: Teenager hit by bus in Colne, the question is, why, when our hospital A&E was closed in nearby Burnley, was the child taken so far away to Manchester? When our A&E at Burnley was closed, we were told that traumas and other emergencies would be dealt with promptly at the neighbouring Royal Blackburn Hospital (RBH).

Letter: Do we need a bypass?

Lancashire Telegraph: Letter: They’ll always find a way

1:21pm Wednesday 18th June 2014

RE: Teenager hit by bus in Colne, before we start blaming the parents, the child or the bus driver let the police do their job so we know exactly what happened!

Letter: Deafened by mosque silence

Lancashire Telegraph: Letter: They’ll always find a way

1:20pm Wednesday 18th June 2014

New laws coming into force which criminalise forced marriages punishing perpetrators with seven years imprisonment are undoubtedly needed as I have personally witnessed at first hand the damage this indefensible abuse of human rights can cause to families.

Letter: Time to remember the Fallen

Lancashire Telegraph: Letter: They’ll always find a way

1:19pm Wednesday 18th June 2014

It's nearly time to mark Armed Forces Day, Saturday, June 28.

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