A GRANDMOTHER from Clitheroe is keeping nimble in her nineties by stitching patchwork quilts for charity.

Dorothy Dixon, 94, of Derwent Crescent, has been making quilts since she retired from nursing at the age of 61.

She usually makes the blankets as gifts for friends and family, but has most recently been stitching to help raise money for a refurbishment of her local church.

Four of Mrs Dixon’s blankets, which are only ever made from 100 per cent cotton, went on sale at an art exhibition at the church hall and Mrs Dixon’s quilt brought the church £120 closer to its target.

Kay Thorpe, who was involved in organising the exhibition, said she was very grateful to Mrs Dixon for her help.

She said: “Dorothy is absolutely amazing and she loved every minute of it.

“Her quilts were excellent quality, they were incredible.”

Trinity Methodist Church, in Parson Lane, needs to raise £1million to revamp the building and repair its roof and heating system.

And Mrs Dixon, who has two sons and two grandsons, has said she had no intention of giving up her hobby any time soon.

She said: “I enjoy patchwork, I love my quilts. I am going to keep making them but I might slow down.

“I am very, very lucky because I have very nimble fingers and very good eyesight and that is what you need for making quilts.”

Mrs Dixon, who also makes children’s patchwork bags, said she loved keeping active even though she could not get out as much as she used to.

She said: “When I was 80 I used to attend an embroidery class – I bet they did not expect I would still be doing it at 94.”

But Mrs Dixon, who is also a member of the women’s fellowship, said there was no secret to her remaining so agile at 94.

She said: “I just lead a good life, I am very sensible, but I do sit on my bottom more than I used to.”