DANCERS twisted and twirled in time to mill machinery noises to celebrate the county's textile industry.

Audiences across Clitheroe and Burnley were treated to 'Cotton', a visual performance of cotton production.

Performed by the AbouTime Dance Company, onlookers at Clitheroe Market and Burnley St James' Square applauded as the cast performed the intricate routines.

Jenny Reeves, the artistic director, said she wanted to create dance based around her family's heritage, with many of her former relatives working in mills.

One of the performers, Mollie Moorby, a Burnley College student, from Clitheroe, said she signed up to try something new.

She said: "I had so much fun, this was a really great experience.

"I went home and told my parents and they said we had lots of family who worked in the cotton mills around here.

"So I got to learn a lot about my own heritage.

"I think it is important to educate young people about how big of a part cotton, and the textile industry, played in Lancashire.

"I will definitely want to do more of these shows and I would encourage others to do the same."

The performers displayed the working conditions of many mill workers and incorporated traditional clog dancing.

Spectator Isobel Coddam, from Clitheroe, said: "I worked in a mill a long, long time ago and I thought it was really good.

"I loved the costumes, it looked very authentic and traditional."

Miss Reeves, from Preston, said she was really pleased with the performance.

She said: "Since moving back to Lancashire from London I wanted to create something that was all about Lancashire and its history.

"The performers were really good and I'm so happy with how it went.

"We have had a real mix of age groups dancing with us. We had an eight-month-old baby and a man in his 60s.

"It's great to get people involved in dancing and helping them learn about their history at the same time."