A COUNCILLOR said too many housing applications are being given the green light because of a ‘fault in planning laws’.

Cllr Ken Hind, who represents Longridge, said the town is suffering after a series of applications were approved by Ribble Valley Council and Preston City Council.

Ribble Valley Council granted permission for 272 homes to be built at Grimbaldeston Farm in Preston New Road, while neighbouring Preston City Council has allowed the construction of 800 homes on land near Longridge within their city boundary.

Cllr Hind said he is worried Longridge will suffer from the extra pressure the new houses will have on the town.

He said: “The councils are not required to discuss with each other what planning applications are being granted.

“These extra homes, despite not being in Longridge, are around 400 yards away from the town.

“Longridge would be used as a service centre for the area, despite the houses not being granted by Ribble Valley Council.

“It’s all perfectly legal, however its a fault in planning laws and the councils should work together to stop this from happening.”

Cllr Hind has called for future applications to be turned down because of lack of need.

He said: “The council’s development plan targeting extra houses for our side of the Ribble Valley has been reached.

“There is no requirement in housing law to grant tenancies to Ribble Valley Longridge residents.”

A Ribble Valley Council spokesman said: “We do work closely with neighbouring authorities and always seek to protect the interests of Ribble Valley residents.

“However, all local planning authorities are obliged to consider and determine planning applications as they are submitted, in accordance with planning law.

“So, although the council will do all it can to ensure that any approval given is in the best interests of our residents, a refusal to consider applications is not a response that is available.”