A STUDENT who made life hell for his neighbours has been banned from playing loud music - anywhere in England or Wales Thomas Wadsworth, has been served with a two-year anti-social behaviour order by Reedley magistrates for annoying nearby residents.

The 20-year-old, of Cottesloe Place, Barrowford, is now banned from playing music ‘excessivley loud’ anywhere in England and Wales.

And Wadsworth, a student at Myerscough College, was also issued with an eight-month drinks banning order by Burnley magistrates earlier this month.

The ASBO proceedings were brought by Pendle Council after several complaints by neighbours in Barrowford.

He admitted breaching a noise abatement order, on three dates in November and one in December. It was the second time he had been brought before the court for ignoring the abatement notice.

Howard Culshaw, for Pendle Council, told Reedley magistrates that Wadsworth’s music was so loud that his neighbours couldn’t sleep, their children were woken and they couldn’t hear their TVs.

Speaking after the case, Coun James Starkie, a council cabinet member, said: “It is totally unacceptable for people to be so disturbed like this. If Mr Wadsworth fails to stick to the conditions of the ASBO, it could mean up to five years in prison.

“I hope this serves as a warning to him and others that the Council will not tolerate people who persist in making their neighbours’ lives a misery.”

Pauline Foley, Pendle Council's public health manager, said: “Most people in Pendle are considerate to their neighbours, but unfortunately a small minority behave in an anti-social way.”

Wadsworth was convicted of damaging the roof of neighbour Barry O’Brien’s Peugeot 307 car last November.

And he confessed to threatening another neighbour, Kelly Lees, that he would break her windows, on New Year’s Eve.

For both cases magistrates imposed an attendance centre order for 24 hours, alongside the drinks order, which lasts until May 11.

Under the restriction he must not enter any licensed premises to buy alcohol, be drunk in a public place or have open bottles or cans of alcohol.

Lawyers representing Wadsworth have claimed he has now moved into student digs, at the college’s Bilsborrow campus, near Preston.