A MODEL from Barrowford behind a victims’ campaign group has welcomed the arrest of the boss of the faulty breast implants firm.

Vanessa Halstead, 29, decided to act after suffering months of physical and mental pain when her PIP implant ruptured and feeling let down by the Manchester clinic which fitted her implants in 2004.

She said the arrest of Jean-Claude Mas was only the first step in the fight for justice.

Her Justice For PIP Victims campaign is helping women through its free advice website.

She said: “This is the first step in obtaining the justice for women who had PIP implants fitted and who have been to hell and back through no fault of their own.”

The campaign is calling for tighter regulation of breast augmentation and women to be compensated for ruptured implants.

Vanessa has now had her implants removed and replaced after being put in touch with a reputable cosmetic surgeon.