THE parents of an East Lancashire nurse murdered by her former partner while he was on bail say they are ‘ecstatic’ that top politicians have officially backed their campaign.

John and Penny Clough have argued for a change in the law after their daughter Jane Clough, 26, from Barrowford, was killed by Jonathan Vass while awaiting trial for raping her.

Since his conviction in October 2010, they have pushed for the right to appeal against a judge’s decision to grant bail of suspected serious offenders through their Justice For Jane campaign.

Last week Prime Minister David Cameron announced the move in the Commons and said he hoped the change ‘will improve the law, be more helpful to victims and give some satisfaction to the family’.

Now Justice minister Crispin Blunt said the amendment has been tabled.

He said: “These changes will provide a vital safeguard for the public by allowing prosecutors to challenge crown court bail decisions when they fear a potentially dangerous defendant may be being bailed."

Mr Clough, said: “It was tabled in June and could be law by Easter. We owe our MP Andrew Stephenson a huge debt of thanks.

"We are absolutely ecstatic, but we still know that this cost Jane her life. It has been a very high price to pay for a small success.

"However, for other victims this will be a huge help. It just shows that given determination and the belief that you are right any person can make a difference."

Ambulance technician Vass murdered mother-of-one Ms Clough, in the car park of Blackpool Victoria Hospital in July 2010.

He was jailed for life with a minimum of 30 years.

Pendle MP Mr Stephenson said: “The Justice for Jane campaign has taken another big step forward in providing extra protection to the victims of rape and domestic violence.”

The Government plans to make it legal for prosecutors to challenge a Crown Court decision to release a defendant on bail, for example if they believed they posed a danger to society or were liable to try to flee the country.

A High Court judge will then decide.