AN application to fell trees with preservation orders will be discussed at Pendle Council’s West Craven area committee next month.

The trees are in the grounds of St Michael’s Church in Bracewell.

The work would include removing of one Linden tree, two Sycamores around 10 metres west of the main entrance and two Ash trees from the north west corner of the site.

Within a council document, a council spokesman said the trees are causing damage to the wall and causing it to collapse.

The trees were found to be in good health after inspection.

The trees are protected by a Tree Preservation Order and consent notice must be issued before any works can be carried out on the trees.

A council spokesman said: “Carrying out works to retain the trees and rebuild the wall would be extortionately costly and are likely to be detrimental to the longevity of the trees.

“The application stipulates that there is an intention to plant five replacement trees in consultation with the council.”