A SERIES of special learning forums have been run at Pendleside Hospice to help students on their way to their dream careers.

Held over four weeks, students from schools and colleges from across Burnley and Pendle were invited along to the Reedley-based hospice to hear from Pendleside staff about careers and related professions.

Sessions, which were available to people studying or interested in health and social care, included an overview of the hospice and palliative care, death dying and bereavement and spiritual care, rehabilitation in palliative care and medical pathway.

Participants were given a tour, were told about the fundraising and the costs of running a hospice.

They were also able to shadow up to two shifts with the hospice’s day service and outpatient department.

Jeanette Shepherd, education lead at Pendleside Hospice said: “The sessions were set up to help support young people in our local community with their career development.

“This is the forth time that the sessions have run, and the feedback we’ve had is that they’ve been very beneficial for the students looking to move into a health or social care profession.

“Each session focused on a different topic. I ran the first session titled ‘An overview of the Hospice and Palliative care’. None of the students had visited Pendleside before and felt a little apprehensive about attending. They all were surprised by the calm, friendly atmosphere; the different services we provide and gained a better understanding of palliative and end of life care.”